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Previous Library Updates

1-5-2004: Happy Holidays! The new year brings in some exciting updates, as Akane has been drawing some incredible fanart with her new Copic marker set! Check out the great pictures of Lina in Wonderland (and a behind-the-scenes pic of an idea for a Slayers webcomic) and of Full Moon o Sagashite! Also, new fanart of the Power Puff girls and a cool compilation Akane did for Anime Central's badge design. Oh, and Akane's art was in Newtype again. Does this girl sleep???

10-21-2004: Happy Halloween! You can see a bigger version of the Slayers' Halloween costumes in Holiday Fanart. Page 5 of Tales of the Slayers has been delayed due to Akane's midterms, but we have new fanart for Sailor Moon, Love Hina, Legend of Zelda, Fushugi Yugi, and Inu Yasha.

10-07-2004: Page 5 of Tales of the Slayers is half-done, but that's only because Akane has been working on new fanart for Lina, Gourry, Zel, Ameria, Xel, Group pics, and Romance pics! Whew!

9-30-2004: September is Zelgadiss month at the library! Just posted is Page 4 of Tales of the Slayers, and we also have posted a gallery page full of early Zel fanart by Akane no Hime. Enjoy, Zel fans!

9-09-2004: Page 3 of Tales of the Slayers has been posted! Also, ever want to cast your own spell? Try out the new Magical Spell Generator! Will you end up with Dragon Slave, or Dragon Bit?

8-24-2004: Two major updates: Page 2 of Tales of the Slayers is now available (along with a spiffy Wanted: Zel fanart), and a bunch of new wallpapers have been added to Slayers Wallpaper and Other Anime Wallpaper.

8-18-2004: Today marks the beginning of Tales of the Slayers, our brand-new ongoing doujinshi! Page 1 is posted today, and pages 2 and 3 are being completed too.

6-09-2004: Major update to out Cosplay Section! We've spent the last three months on our Slayers costumes, and we went to Anime Central! We finally have our pictures up: check out our Slayers Costumes, see us at the Con, or check out fun pics & the art show. We also have our masquerade skit online. ACen was a blast!

3-17-2004: It's March Madness! From Akane we have incredible new pictures of Lina, Ameria, Xelloss, Filia, Lupin III, some cute new couples pics, and a new compiled art pic!

From Esther, we also have Chapter 4 of Slayers Balance! Chapter 4 is a major turning point in the story: please check it out, and Esther welcomes your feedback!

2-14-2004: Akane wishes you all a happy V-day with her latest valentine's fanart, available in the Holiday Fanart section.

1-25-2004: We have a first at the Library with resident artist Akane's first song parody! It's "Bandit Killer", a parody of "Thriller" inspired by Lina. And better yet, you can discuss it in our brand new, ad-free web forum!

1-15-2004: To help ring in the new year, we have a plot-thickening Chapter 2 of Sweet Surrender, and on the lighter side a new song parody: Rezo's rendition of "When I'm Gone. Enjoy!

12-31-03: A belated but beautiful holiday update for your viewing pleasure! A new image in Holiday Fanart, and a new Christmas-themed Doujinshi too.

12-02-03: A late update for Thanksgiving brings you some fan service from Lina, Ameria in action, Love Hina romance, a Saint Tail collage, fanart of Angelic Layer and Iria, and a new section for Street Fighter fanart. Happy Holidays!

10-18-03: Another giant fanart update courtesy of Akane! There are new images for Slayers Groups, Lina, Gourry, Ameria, Zelgadiss, Xelloss, Filia, Slayers Romance, Naga, Sylphiel, Martina, Chobits, Inu Yasha, Real Bout High School, Kenshin, Crossovers, Love Hina, Sonic the Hedgehog, Saint Tail, Tenchi, Miscellaneous Fanart, and Slayers Balance Fanart! Whew!

9-22-2003: Small update: Ever since Beauty and the Chimera premiered, Filia's been working on her version of the song "Be Our Guest." She just finished "You're a Pest" - can you guess who it's dedicated to?

9-1-03: Yatta! We're back to regular updating with a giant fanart update! Akane has scanned in 40 new images of Slayers Groups, Xelloss, Zelgadiss, Gourry, Ah My Goddess, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Ranma, Sailor Moon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Saint Tail, Tenchi, Miscellaneous Fanart pages one and two!!

5-20-03: ACEN 2003! Woohoo! Due to the anime con and real life, web updates have been slow. But we have a few ACEN 2003 pictures up.

5-8-03: Two neat updates this week! First, we finally have a new Guestbook! We've wanted our own for awhile, so we programmed a new one. Please Leave us a message! The old guestbook is still available too.

Secondly, Akane's awesome drawing of Space Pirate Ryoko appeared in the fanart section of the latest Newtype English-version! Way to go Akane!

4-21-03: The rest of the Library has been converted to the new format - finally! The Other Anime section and all remaining Library pages are complete! Now we can work on new sections! ^_^

4-10-03: Just a quick update this week while we work on Other Anime: we've added MidiBox links to the appropriate songs for Esther's songfics in the Fanfiction Section. Enjoy!

4-4-03: Chapter 3 is here! After much editing, Slayers Balance Chapter 3 is ready for your reading enjoyment! And if you like Esther's fanfiction, you'll also enjoy some new Author's Notes and Omake!

4-1-03: A little April Fool's fun for you here! Filia sure is enjoying the holiday, but I dunno if we can say the same about Shrine Maiden Xelloss below though... ^_^ Full versions of the pics are in Holiday Fanart!

4-1-03: We've also converted the Humor Section over to the new format. And we've added a bunch of new image songs to the Slayers MidiBox! To hear them, launch the MidiBox from any of the new pages.

3-19-03: Hey, two updates in a row! Today we have some nice new artwork to spruce up the place: Akane has redone the main pictures in Fanart and Fanfiction, along with Lina's headshot in Fanfiction. We also have a new Doujinshi - it's called A Night at the Movies. Check it out!

3-17-03: Sorry for the slowness of updates, but we are still chugging along with site updates. We've finished the Fanfiction Section now, and we've also updated the main image in the Fanart Section section. Check out Akane's cute rendition of Ameria!

2-27-03: I dunno if anyone is keep track of how long our site redesign is taking (official total: way too long!), but today we get a whole lot closer, since the Fanart Section redesign is now complete! That leaves Fanfiction, Humor, and Other Anime to be redesigned next, and then we can focus on delivering more Slayers fun.

And speaking of Slayers fun, Chapter 3 of Slayers Balance is one week closer to being complete!

2-14-03: Esther here--wow, has it been awhile since I've personally done an update. ^^ Just in time for Valentine's Day, I have finished the prologue and first chapter of "Sweet Surrender," the conclusion of this as-yet-unnamed Zel/Ameria sappy romantic plot bunny-turned-storyline. You can read the revised Prologue and then Chapter One (they're also available on the Fanfiction page). Chapter One hasn't been edited yet, but I wanted to post it for your reading enjoyment. Feedback is appreciated, especially after what I've done to poor Ameria! ^^;;;

2-14-03: Happy Valentine's Day! We hope all of you have as happy a Valentine's Day as Lina and Gourry are about to, in the above new picture by Akane! Click here for a larger version. ^_^ Also, Esther made an important announcement about new site features on our message board, check it out!

By way of update, Chapter 3 of Slayers Balance is in editing, the Fanart section is scheduled for a major facelift soon, and there's more goodies on the way! If only we didn't have these pesky things like school and jobs to distract us, they'd be here already, but we're working hard to bring them to you!

1-28-03: Yay! We have finished updates to the Toons section, so now that makes half the site updated to the new format! Check out the updates to see two new pages of Ranma Toons by Mango!

1-15-03: Xanthix here again, with special news. You may have noticed me doing more of the site updates lately. In an effort to give Esther and Akane more time to write, draw, and do other Real Life things like "eat" and "sleep," we're shifting the website maintenance away from them... and over to me and our newest staff member, Myrddin! We'd like to officially welcome him to the staff, and introduce everyone. You can read about him (and the rest of us) at the newly updated About the Staff page.

1-9-03: Xanthix here. While I was waiting for the Art Department to work on the Toons section upgrade, I went ahead and converted the Cosplay/Cons section - check it out! The layout is new, and so are 2 new pages of Anime Central 2002 pics!

1-7-03: Good News for fans of Akane's art! She won 2nd place in the Anime Central Mailing List Badge Contest! You can see the badge she drew at the Badge Voting site - it's badge 25, with a collection of anime characters designed by Japanese guests that will be ACen. The site will have ordering enabled soon, so you can order one if you're going to ACen. Congratulations Akane!

1-4-03: Happy New Year! The Toons section is almost ready, and here's some more fanart for you until then. ^_^ We have two awesome new pics of Lina on Lina Fanart Page 4, Two new Ranma pics on Ranma Fanart Page 2, and a neat Slayers Movie Poster that Akane did for a class on Group Fanart Page 4. We also have a brand new fanart section- "Fan Works". Check it out!

A small update while we prepare the Toons section for a makeover: One new pic each for Kenshin and Harry Potter fanart, and the above cute pic by Akane of the Slayers building a snowman! I hope it lasts, what with Lina's tendency for fireballs!

BIG NEWS! We're finally ready to start rolling out some major site updates we've had planned! Check out the brand spankin' new design of the Doujinshi (fancomics) Section - plus check out Akane's new doujinshi called "Anger Management"! We're going to gradually redesign the whole site to match this new look, designed to be easier to read and nicer to look at. Please let us know what you think! Drop us a line in the forum or guestbook, or email us! Oh, and for those of you waiting for Chapter 3 of Slayers Balance, it's coming, and it's a good one! -Xanthix, Resident WebMonkey

That Lina...she shows no mercy to the poor turkeys. As always, this one was done by Akane. Slayers Balance Chapter Three is done--now it needs to be edited by Xanthix. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

The main cast decided to do a little crossover for Halloween. Thanks to Bill Taylor for the inspiration. ^_^ For those of you who watch the movies but haven't read the books, Lina's Mara Jade. In fact, for those of you who have never seen Star Wars, Gourry is Luke, Ameria's Leia, and Zel is Han. Kudos to Akane for putting this one together. We'll have another update as soon as she can scan in more art. I'm chugging along on Slayers Balance Chapter 3. Until then, Happy Halloween!

New fanart, as promised. Check out: Lina, Gourry, Ameria, Xelloss, Romance, Group, Wallpaper, Inu Yasha, Sonic, Saint Tail, and Harry Potter. Whew!

Esther: (in best tour guide tone) Welcome to the Library of Slayers Creativity, and please pardon our dust. We've been working hard to revamp the place and make it even better for you. (sweatdrops at dubious looks, waves hands frantically) Well, we ARE working hard! But I've got a job and a wedding to plan and a little sister to send off to college, y'know! (whirls around and starts walking, tour guide voice again) ANYWAY...over here, we're working to redo the Fanart section to make it easier to view.
Gourry: (is sitting on a box, staring at his fingers)
Esther: Gourry! What are you doing?! I told you to get to work on those thumbnails!
Gourry: I am, I am! They just take so long to grow...
Esther: (growls) Get working and resize those images!!
Gourry: (jumps up and salutes) Yes, ma'am!
Esther: (sighs and shakes her head, keeps walking) And in the next room, Lina is working on the Fanfic section.
Lina: (rushes up to Esther) I have a great idea for a new story!
Esther: Really? What's it about?
Lina: (excitedly) It's about a princess reknown for her talent, power, and beautiful, flowing red hair.
Esther: (rolls her eyes) I can see where this is going...
Lina: (doesn't hear Esther) And she orders all her servants to bring her all the food in the kingdom, but one of them doesn't because he wants to eat it all. He's a tall, blond jellyfish, and the princess says "Dragon Slave!" and then everything goes "boom"! (pauses for effect) And then they all live happily ever after.
Esther: Oooh-kaaaay...I'll have to show it to everyone to see if they approve of it...
Lina: (dangerously) They'd better...
Esther: Okay, okay! I have to go, people to show around and tours to give, y'know... (backs out of the Fanfic section) Whew...that was close. (back in tour guide mode, keeps walking) Over here, Filia is reorganizing the Other Anime section.
Filia: (stalks up to Esther and gets in her face) At least I WOULD be, if that...that...MAZOKU wasn't here!
Esther: (backs up, makes placating gestures) Whoa, whoa, Filia...calm down...
Filia: (stays in Esther's face, waving her arms for emphasis) He's putting Inuyasha images in the Saint Tail section, Pokémon images in the Trigun section, and turning half the Sailor Moon images upside down!
Xelloss: (pops in, waves cheerfully) Hallo!
Esther: (sweeps past Filia, pokes Xelloss in the chest) You'd better stop messing things up and get back to the Humor section, or I'll--
Xelloss: (cocks his head) Well if it isn't Juu-ou-sama calling! Gotta run... (disappears)
Esther: ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! (stomps into the Development room) Zelgadiss, Ameria, I want you to put top priority on the Whack-A-Mazoku game.
Zelgadiss: (turns in his computer chair, grins and cracks his knuckles ferally) Consider it done.
Ameria: (adds nervously) soon as we learn Flash.
Esther: Well get on it. I want this new Games section up as soon as possible.
Zelgadiss and Ameria: Yes, ma'am!
Esther: In other news, we'll be adding a new member to the Library Staff. (gestures to mysterious shadowy figure in corner)
Mysterious Shadowy Figure in Corner: (looms menacingly)
Esther: (dryly) soon as he tells me what name he wants to be known by around here...
Mysterious Shadowy Figure in Corner: (sweatdrops)
Esther: And that's our tour for now. As soon as we get our PHP ducks in a row, make some new images, and revamp the old ones, we'll start to change these pages to make them even better. In the meantime, I'll post new fanart from Akane over the next day or so for everyone's viewing pleasure. Thanks for dropping by!

7-26-02: Today's update is entitled: "Crash! The Server That Ate Akane's Email!!" You read it right--the server corrupted Akane's email database file, which means all recent messages are gone, kaputski, disappeared like Xelloss just when you need him. Soooo...if anyone who's emailed her in the past few weeks could wait about 24 hours (to make sure any new mail doesn't get lost, since I have to delete her email account and then reinstate it), and then email her again, she'd really, really appreciate it. She reads all the mail she gets and feels really bad that some of her mail got lost. Thanks!

7-24-02: My, how time flies when you're inordinately busy. This update comes to you at approximately 4 am, so my apologies for spelling mistakes, missing pages, and falling objects. ^^;;; Slayers Balance Chapter Two, plus Omake are posted. In other news, we're kicking around the idea of a new site design, which should make it easier to navigate (even search, ooooooh!) and enjoy. When I claw my way kicking and screaming out from under the two tons of work I have to do for other people's websites, I'll make the images for it. Until next update, ciao!

7-5-02: New Slayers fanart! Check out the Lina, Xelloss, Naga, Romance, Group, and Wallpaper sections, and enjoy!

7-4-02: Lina's enjoying the 4th of July...her way. We don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing... ^^;;; The "Don't Tread on Me" flag, for those who don't know, is a symbol that was used in the American Revolution by both the Marines and the Navy, and was inspired by Ben Franklin's political cartoon that encouraged the colonies to stick together during the French and Indian War. I think it's a fitting motto for Lina, since she certainly doesn't let anyone or anything get in her way.

I'm still updating--I'm done with the Other Anime fanart, so now I can start on the Slayers fanart. Akane's got some great new ones in several sections, including a few new sections: Saint Tail, Street Fighter, and Mairelon the Magician (Mairelon's a novel by Patricia Wrede that she drew an anime-style drawing from). New fanart in existing categories: Harry Potter, Escaflowne, Fushigi Yugi, Tenchi, and Sonic. Also, Slayers Balance Ch 2 should be edited by Friday, so that should be up this weekend. Until then, happy 4th of July!

6-25-02: Wow, have things been busy. Real life gets in the way of stuff, y'know? Well, the good news about that is that Slayers Balance Chapter 2 is finished and in Xanthix's hands for editing. I really tried to push that one through, at times at the expense of updating. Sorry, minna! I can't promise we won't be just as busy from now on, but at least I'm going to try to get in updates more often. Speaking of being busy, the Library staff made a difficult decision: we've cut out the guest submissions section. If you want to know why, drop a message in the forum, but part of it is because of the time involved in upkeeping it. As for what's new this time, we have a new parody in the Humor section--although it's not Slayers, it's a Trigun parody by Mango. He did an awesome job, so go read it. And then we have some new fanart that's long overdue when it comes to being posted by in the Fanart section. Dave's a great friend of ours and an awesome artist, so we really appreciate him passing on a little of his work. Then we have fanart that I should have put up awhile ago in the Coloring Book, so go print it out and play with your crayons. ^_^ That's about it for now--ja mata, minna-san!

5-7-02: Con pix posted! Check out the Cosplay section. I'll have more as soon as I get to it. Slayers Balance Ch 2 is chugging along (in my not-so-copious spare time... ^^;;;)

4-26-02: New fanart everywhere! Two new drawings are posted at the Slayers Balance Omake page, several pieces in the Lina section, the Wallpaper, and the Romance section. Coloring book versions of some of these images as well as submissions are incoming as soon as I can get to them.

4-25-02: No pictures yet--the photo shop screwed up the CD. :( But here's something neat--check out The Slayers New World Trilogy homepage for awesome fanart and a little Ch. 2 preview in the author's notes at the bottom of Chapter 1.

4-19-02: WE WON FIRST RUNNER UP FOR OUR SKIT AT ACEN! Check out the trophy above!! A victory for all Slayers fans everywhere! Read our skit here. ^_____^

4-18-02b: Slayers Balance Chapter One is here! Excuse the little logo marking it--Akane will finish it after the con. Do be sure to check out the Prologue if you haven't already, and look for a little humorous surprise at the end of Chapter One courtesy of Xanthix. ^_^ Happy reading!

4-18-02: It's ACen or bust! Look for the staff of the Library at ACen 2002--we'll be everywhere. ^_^ Akane is Lina, Xanthix is Zel, Mango is Gourry, and I'm Xelloss...along with Angela as Ameria and Danny as Vrumugun. ^_^ There will be art by Akane no Hime on sale at the Artist's Alley--please stop by and take a look! Please come see yours truly, Esther, at the Slayers panel, Saturday from 4-4:50. And don't forget about the masquerade--our skit this year promises to be hilarious, so don't forget to come see! In other news, Slayers Balance Chapter 1 is incoming--another 24 hrs or so and it'll be posted, along with the Prologue (officially). Hope to see lots of people at the con!

4-2-02: Well, we were planning on a little April Fool's surprise, but it fell through because we're still putting our lives back together after being inordinately busy over the past several weeks. Hopefully, this will make up for it. It's a preview of the prologue of "Sweet Surrender", the sequel to Full of Grace by Esther. Chapter 1 of Slayers Balance has been...well, delayed a little, due to the fact that I can't write people in character. Hopefully I'll get my ducks in a row within the next few days and get that, some submissions, and some artwork up.

3-31-02: Happy Easter everyone!

3-21-02: Maybe the updates are running a little slow lately, but we're still hard at work to bring great Slayers fan works to you! Chapter one of Slayers Balance is undergoing final edits, and Xanthix has installed a new Guestbook for you to leave messages in. Now we don't have to worry about out Guestbook host shutting down! Please sign the book and leave us a note!

3-5-02: Been awhile, hasn't it? ::laughs nervously:: Weeeeeellllllll...sorry, everyone. It's been, shall we say, a crazy several weeks. Hopefully the fanart updates in the Xelloss, Romance, Inuyasha, and Kenshin sections will make up for it. Slayers Balance Chapter One is now in Xanthix's hands for editing. That will be posted ASAP, along with the Prologue (formally--although you can still take the Quiz to get it). Akane's working on the fanart for that one, but it's been slow going. I'll post it with or without the artwork when I can. But my next project is SUBMISSIONS--I've been far too lax with those. Apologies to those who have had to wait so long to get their pieces in the spotlight. I *will* get those up very soon. Until then, happy March and hope you weren't snowed in like I was! ^^;;;

2-25-02: Slayers Music Box is online! Feedback for our Slayers Midi Player has been good, so we've added some more midi's and added a link to the menu for every page. Try it out - it's a great way to listen to Slayers music as you surf! And if you know of any midi's we're missing, please let Xanthix know!

1-17-02: Yup, it's true--Xanthix and I are engaged. ^_^ I don't want to make a huge deal of it, but then Akane went and drew that awesome pic, and everyone's really happy about it around here, so we're sharing it with all of you. That's the biggest news right now, but aside from that, there are a few new fanart pieces as well as new bumper stickers. The fanart's in the Ameria section and in the Other Anime section, specifically the Lost Universe page. Akane got a bunch of her artwork back from her art class so now I can scan some of those pieces. Xanthix is still testing his awesome new Midibox, so if you like music (and I know you all do!) try it out! I'll get the Prologue of Slayers Balance formally posted ASAP, too--thanks to everyone who took the survey. I'm working on new submissions--I have a few fanfics to read. Until then, ciao!

1-6-02: With the new year we are trying out a brand new feature, exclusive to the library: Now you can listen to Slayers (and other anime) tunes as you browse! It's called Midibox, and it's in testing now. Click here to Try it out! If you have technical problems, or midi's don't play, or you have midi's you'd like to recommend we add, please contact Xanthix. Have fun!

12-24-01: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good update! Aside from the new fanart up top, Akane's got some new work up in Lina Page 1, Xelloss Page 1 (this one's for Christmas), Rurouni Kenshin sections, as well as a new section for Harry Potter. I know Harry Potter's not technically anime, but Akane drew him that way, so go take a look anyway. Thanks to all who took the Slayers Balance Prologue quiz! Now that Akane's on Christmas break, she can finish my fanart, so that'll be officially out soon. Until then, enjoy the holidays (whichever you celebrate) from all of us at the Library. ^_^

12-12-01: Did you read Slayers New? Want to read more? The prologue to the sequel of Slayers New, Slayers Balance, is unofficially available for sneak preview. Want to know more? Click here!

12-10-01: You thought the Humor staff was dead, huh? (Well, so did we) But they have risen out of their dormancy to bring you a new song parody! All That She Wants, by Xanthix. Yay!

11-13-01: A new fanfic's been posted, "Full of Grace" by Esther. It's the sequel to "Dante's Prayer" and "I Love You", so you may want to read those first. They're on the Fanfic page. Also, we have a new intro graphic by Akane, with Lina, Gourry, Akane, Xanthix, Mango, and Esther. She also has a new piece of fanart up in the Group Page 1. Enjoy!

11-8-01: Well, the Library is back to its usual blue. ^_^ Akane will have for me a new opening pic, but she has to finish shading it. I've posted the individual Halloween images for your viewing pleasure. Also, for your coloring pleasure, I've also put up coloring-book versions of each character here. Get your crayons out--these are a lot of fun to play with. ^_^ There's also a few new submissions in the Guest Submissions page. I'll hopefully have another fanfic posted next time (::cackles evilly:: Zel won't know what hit him!), and some humor if Mango gets going on his next song parody ::looks meaningfully at Mango::. ^_^ Ja!

10-31-01: Happy Halloween! Akane drew the picture above of the Slayers cast in their costumes for Halloween--be sure to email her to tell her what you think! She also made up a special Halloween Slayers wallpaper, as her treat to you:

I'll get you my pretty!

I'll put up the individual pictures of the gang in their costumes (and also in the coloring book) when I have time, but for now, I have to go get my costume ready! ^_^

10-29-01: Yup, another update, but this one's for Fanart, not text. Specifically, there's something new in the Group 1 page, the Gourry page, the Akane Wallpaper #2, and a new section in Other Anime page: a Rurouni Kenshin! Expect more Kenshin fanart as Akane and I get more time to scan in stuff.

10-24-01: The Epilogue to Slayers New is now posted! Also, there's a few changes in the Author's Notes section, including a pronounciation guide, in case anyone cares how "Chorion" is supposed to be pronouncd. ^_^ It feels weird now that New is done--something I was just reflecting on the other day. I already have the prologue for Slayers Balance written (not edited), so at some point in the near future, keep an eye out for that. Until then, happy reading!

10-19-01: Thanks to everyone who's waited so patiently for an update. Things got a little hairy over the past few weeks, since Akane and I had several continuous floods in our basement. But the Library Staff's still cranking out more Slayers fanwork for your reading/viewing pleasure! And with that, I'd like to announce the newest update: Slayers New Chapter Nine! It took awhile, because the chapter is a full 46 pages in Word, single-spaced. Whew! Thanks so much to Xanthix for putting up with editing it--he's so patient with my rambling. ^_^ Also, thanks to P-chan for saving my bacon on that missing font. Chapter 9 is not the end of Slayers New, though--as soon as I get the artwork for it done, the Epilogue will be posted as well. But for now, enjoy the new chapter!

9-12-01: Yesterday, the Library Staff was shocked and horrified to learn of what happened in New York City and Washington D.C. We pray that none of our visitors were lost or lost loved ones in these heinous attacks. We also pray for the wounded, the dead, the rescuers, and their families and friends, coast to coast and around the world. May God bless all of you and may God bless America.

9-10-01: Finally, Ranma Toons Page 3 is ready! Sorry for the delay, and pages 4 and 5 will be up soon!

9-9-01: Had some more fun with the bumper stickers--hope you guys enjoy these as much as I have. I also made an Ameria wallpaper like some of the other wallpaper I've made before. Slayers New Chapter 9 editing is coming along, but since it's long it's still in the works. To everyone who's been waiting for it patiently, thanks for sticking with me, here.

9-7-01: I've had so much fun with these bumper stickers that I added three more. If I get time I'll post more--they're really easy to make and a lot of fun.

9-6-01: It's been a little while, I know, but things have been busy what with everyone going back to school. Now that Xanthix is settling down in his new apartment, hopefully he'll have time to keep editing Slayers New Chapter 9 and the Epilogue. In the meantime, you can amuse yourself with the new Slayers Toons: Slayers Bumper Stickers. These are really fun, minna, especially if you have some sticker paper to play with.

8-20-01: Slayers New Chapter 9 (and the Epilogue) is well on the way to completion! Just thought you might like to know. ^_-

8-19-01: Page two of the Ranma Toons are up! It looks like we'll have 5 pages when they're all up. Sorry for the delay, we're recovering from the WizardWorld con!

8-17-01: More Toons!! Mango (of Gourry's Book Review fame) has written a ton of Ranma Toons!! We'll be adding them as we upload them: here's the first page.

8-15-01: Two new Gourry's Book Reviews! And you thought your summer reading assigment was bad!

7-1-01: Slayers New: Chapter Eight is now available at the brand-spankin'-new Slayers: The New World Trilogy Homepage! There is also a section for author's notes, and a fanart section. Take a look, and leave feedback either in the forum or via email--thanks! If you have sent me a submission, I will get those up soon. I'm also accepting Slayers New-related fanart, if anyone has any. Until next update, enjoy the new chapter!

6-21-01: First, an update in the Humor section. Xanthix wrote another Slayers Fight!, this time with Filia vs. Milly Thompson from Trigun. Second, there's a smattering of new fanart, some in the Fanart section, and others in the Other Anime section. In the Fanart section, look in the Ameria, Filia, Zel, Romance, Group, and Wallpaper categories. In the Other Anime section, look in Ah! Megami-sama, Magic Knight Rayearth, and in particular, the Ranma section. Slayers New Chapter 8 is still in Xanthix's hands...bug him to finish editing it, if you want, but if you do make sure you say something nice about the awesome job he did on the latest Slayers Fight! Feedback, people, it's all about feedback. ^_^

6-20-01: I'm a graduate! I now hold a Bachelor of Science in Speech (from where? ::wags no-no finger:: Sore wa himitsu desu!). I've been pretty tied up with ceremonies and such, but now that my summer is (finally) getting started, I have a bunch of stuff to put up. For now, check out the Humor section, and all the new parodies that are up! Also, if you want to read the skit we did for ACen 2001, it's here. There's also a link to it in the ACen 2001 section. In other news, I've sent Slayers New Chapter 8 to Xanthix to edit. It'll be up as soon as he gets it back to me, but it's 27 pages or so so that may take a day or two.

6-13-01: I know I promised some people I'd have Slayers New Chapter 8 done by now. I wanted to let people know that it's almost done, and it'll probably be completely finished and posted by the end of this weekend. I'm sorry for the delay, but with the whole graduating from college thing, I haven't exactly had tons of time on my hands, not to mention the fact that I have six, count-em six relatives or close family that are seriously ill in one way or another. Anyways, the next update will include more Slayers song parodies, as well as the new chapter. Thanks for the continued patronage, minna-san, despite the lack of frequent updates recently. It's been a little hairy around here.

6-5-01:A nice update in the Humor section. First, there's a short but sweet new Gourry Book Review by Mango. Then, check out Mango's new song parody, "Remind Me"--it's a Gourry parody of the song "Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker. Lastly, take a look at my latest unfinished project, The Slayers Virus. Yes, it's been done before with other series, but I decided the idea of Lina destroying a hard drive was funny, so here it is. Hopefully if I have time I'll post some new fanart by Akane tomorrow, and Chapter 8 of Slayers New is chugging along.

6-3-01: Small update--go to the Other Anime section to see the new intro graphic! I'll have more artwork up tomorrow if I get to it. Otherwise, it'll be up on Monday. Email Akane to encourage her to get some of her work scanned in, if you like, and you can also pester Xanthix and Mango for more humor. ^_^

5-28-01: Welcome to the new location of The Library of Slayers Creativity! New stuff will be up in a few days, but for now, please adjust your links and bookmarks. Also, if you have linked the Library, please update your banner image by downloading one with the correct URL in the How to Link the Library section. Thanks!

5-17-01: ACen 2001 pictures are here!! Please take a look, and let us know what you think! More are on the way as soon as Akane scans 'em. If you took any pictures of us at the con, we'd love to see 'em and either post the pictures or a link to them, so please email Esther--thanks! Our group would like to say a huge, special thank you to my Mom for putting up with us crazy cosplayers--Mom, you were instrumental in putting everything together--and to Xanthix's Mom for sewing, Nancy for her amazing hair-styling, to Ray for all his woodworking tips and tools. And I'd like to say a special thanks to Renee and Mango, who weren't too crazy about this idea in the first place, but made this one of the most fun experiences we've all had together as friends, to Xanthix for putting up with all that makeup and for making Gourry's armor, and to Akane for putting up with my spazzing over the costumes. You guys are the best and I'll never forget how cool Saturday was.

5-16-01: ACen was AWESOME! We couldn't go three feet without people asking to take our pictures, and we were the only complete Slayers group there. Our masquerade skit went off without a hitch--the audience was the livest audience we've ever performed in front of. I'll have pictures hopefully tomorrow, but for now, there are some pictures of us at, here, here, and here. As for updates, there's a new Slayers Fight in the Humor section, a new intro graphic for the Doujinshi section, and a new link to Dani's page on the Links page. Some of you have reported that the images don't want to load on the fanart pages--I don't know what to tell you about that except that I'll reupload them and hopefully crosswinds will stop losing them. Hopefully next time there will be at least part of Chapter 8 of Slayers New, but until then, ja, minna!

5-7-01: Sorry, everyone, for the distinct lack of updating that's been going on around here. The reason is that I've been busy, mostly preparing for my group's costumes for ACen 2001. We're all excited, especially since we'll be cosplaying as the cast of Slayers Next. Akane will be the infamous Lina Inverse, Mango will be Gourry, Xanthix will be Zel (green face paint and all), our friend Renee will be Ameria, and I'll be repeating my cosplay from last year as Xelloss. Everyone look for us there! All you have to do is ask for us by our online names, and if you've got the right Slayers cosplayers, we'll know what you're talking about. We'll be there on Saturday and we're doing the competition, so you'll see us then. In the meantime, there's a new pic in the Inuyasha section (part 1) of the Other Anime section--an enormously cute one done by Akane. I'll be sure to put up pictures, as well as other ACen momentoes here ASAP. Until then, see you at the con!

4-23-01: Man, do I feel dumb. Thanks to everyone who pointed out that while the coloring book pages had been uploaded, their links on the Fanart page hadn't. Esther no baka... ^^;;; Now that the links are up, please go check it out. Oh, and Slayers New Chapter 8 is chugging along. If the final fight scene doesn't take too long (I hope I hope) then I'd say I'm about 1/3 done. I'll get it posted ASAP.

4-17-01: By the request of some people on the Slayers TRAD mailing list, Akane and I have put up the beginnings of a coloring book of her fanart (it's in the Fanart section). There, you'll find printable-sized, black-and-white versions of some of Akane's art. (The files are a little big, so the download may be a bit longer than usual.) Along with that we're also holding a coloring contest! If you have access to a scanner, we'd love to see how you colored Akane's pix. Scan your best one in and email it to me, and in about a month or so, if we get any entries, we'll announce the winner and Akane will draw a special pic for them! Happy coloring!

4-12-01: Small update: There's a new submission in the Guest Submissions page--thanks, Mishiko! Submissions are welcome, just please read the FAQ at the top of the Guest page. Also, Mango's bio is now up in the About the Staff section. Now all I gotta do is bug Akane for hers... ^^;;;

4-9-01: 10,000 hits! ...and then some. ^^;;; We were a little late in getting the above picture up, but that's because Akane and I wanted to make sure it would be good. From left to right, the four people in the middle are Mango, Akane no Hime, Xanthix, and finally me at the bottom. Everyone here at the Library wishes to thank everyone who's visited our site to look at our stuff--this page wouldn't be as fun without you! ^_^

In other news, Slayers New Chapter Seven is now posted! Thanks to everyone who emailed me with comments and encouragement--emails like that help keep me writing. Stay tuned for the next update, which *should* contain more fanart, as long as nothing else happens to poor Akane. ^^;;;

4-6-01: No surgery for Akane in the foreseeable future! Thank goodness for that. The "About Esther" section has now been changed to the "About the Staff" section. I'm still waiting for Akane's and Mango's bios, though. The Guest Submissions page is up but it only contains a FAQ--I will put up the submissions I've gotten next week. I'm planning on uploading Chapter Seven of Slayers New very soon, but I want to make sure the revisions are good. I had a hard time with this chapter just because I was very conscious about writing everyone in character. Expect it sometime this weekend or at the latest, Monday. For now, the Library is fast approaching 10000 hits, so check back soon for a special piece by Akane celebrating that!

4-4-01: So far, no surgery yet for Akane, but we're not counting it out. During her doctors visits she's had time to draw a little, so her latest two pieces are in the Ameria section of the Fanart page. Chapter 7 is on the way soon!

4-3-01: This is admittedly a small update. The reason is that Akane may be facing surgery. It's all part of this extended illness she's had for the past year--that's what caused her knee to go out the way it did. She's in a lot of pain right now, but she was able to get to her scanner long enough to scan in this absolutely adorable addition to the Doujinshi section. Slayers New Chapter 7 will be posted as soon as I get it back from Xanthix and have the chance to look at his corrections. Thanks for sticking with us, here--it's been a crazy month.

3-29-01: The Library WILL BE UPDATED within the next few days. Xanthix is supposed to get an edit of chapter 7 of Slayers New back to me ASAP, and as soon as I revise it, I'll put it up. Akane was sick earlier this week, so she couldn't scan in more art--but she will do that hopefully this weekend. Lord knows she's got enough drawings. Also included in the next update will be the guest submissions page I promised, as well as information about how to send me things. Until then, thanks for checking back and sorry for the neglect.

3-12-01: Why haven't I updated the Library recently? Well, it all started when I was kidnapped by the aliens...kidding. The real reason is because I've gone nuts. Oh wait, I was nuts already. My bad. The REAL reason is because it's finals season (wabbit season! duck season!) at school (and it's driving me nuts). ^_^ Don't expect a real update before the eighteenth, as I'll be spending time with Xanthix, Akane, and my screwy bunch of friends, making costumes for ACen (gotta make my Xelloss staff) or engaging in other miscellaneous mischeviousness (meow). If you want Slayers New Chapter 7 within the next week and a half, email Xanthix and ask him (**NICELY**) to please edit what I sent him. While you're at it, tell him how good The Great Crossover Adventure is. He'll be thrilled to hear from you. ^_^ Akane likes mail too, so (**NICELY**) bug her for more fanart.

The two things that you *may* see before the eighteenth is an update to the "About Esther" section, which is soon to become the "About the Staff" section. That, and a "Guest Submissions" page, since seems to believe that we take submissions (was news to me), and I've therefore gotten a couple fanstuff thingies in my inbox from Library patrons. But don't hold your breath--I'm a busy girl. Until then, thanks for checking back here, minna-san, and we'll make the wait for new stuff worthwhile. ^_^

2-28-01: Big update! Lots of fanart added. First, there's eight new wallpaper images in the Fanart section. Next, there's new Slayers fanart in the Ameria, Lina, Filia, Xelloss, Zel, Group, and Romance sections. Lastly, there's also new fanart in the Other Anime section, in the Inu Yasha, Ranma, and Vision of Escaflowne sections. I'll be adding title images for the Doujinshi and Other Anime sections soon, as soon as I can get them colored. Until then, enjoy the new additions!

2-27-01: Added a link to the Links page, and I separated the Yahoo! webrings into their own page. If you're a Yahoo! webring admin and you're looking for your banner, please read the info at the top of that page or in the Forum. Thanks.

2-22-01: More new fanfiction! Slayers New Chapter 6 is now available! Now you can find out what happened after the cliffhanger ending to Chapter 5...but I'll warn you, it raises more questions than it answers... ^_^

2-15-01: New fanfiction! The Great Crossover Adventure by Xanthix is now online! The story features Zelgadiss, Ameria, Washu, Ryoko, Ranma, Starfox in a comedy/drama complete with more funny references to popular movies and other famous anime than you can shake your entire collection of anime videos at. Check it out today--you'll love it.

In other news, Slayers New Chapter 5 by Esther is now up! Point your browser to the New World Trilogy page to read it! It's a cliffhanger, but I'll try to get the next chapter up soon. ^_~

2-4-01: New this week: Slayers Fight is resuming weekly episodes. Check it out in the Humor section.

2-1-01: New this time: fanart by lil' ol' me. ^_^ Check out the Esther section of the Fanart section, and the Ranma, Sailor Moon, and Vampire Princess Miyu pages in the Other Anime section. Next week there will probably be more fanart, since I won't stop bugging Akane to get busy on her scanner till the other couple hundred anime pics she's drawn are scanned in.

1-22-01: The Fanart and Other Anime sections have been updated! There's new Lina, Ameria, Zel, Naga, Filia, and Group artwork in the Fanart section. Also, there's some new Inu Yasha, Ranma ˝, and Trigun artwork in the Other Anime section. Enjoy!

1-15-01: Added a link to the links page. I'm in the process of editing Slayers New Chapter 5, and will have that up ASAP. Akane's done with finals this week, so next weekend I'm going to chain her to her scanner so I can get a big update. Lastly, thanks for your patience while my site was down--my server, crosswinds, upgraded EVERYTHING and so the site should load faster now. Please let me know if there are any broken links, though--in case a file got lost here and there. Thanks!

1-4-00: Happy Holidays to everyone! Minor update this time: check out the Toons section. Gourry fans'll like this one. Akane did a bunch of new fanart (some of it Christmas related) but as she's been sacked with homework, she hasn't been able to scan it it. When she does, though, I'll put it up for everyone to enjoy!

12-18-00: More new fanart in both the Slayers as well as the Other Anime sections! Lina Page 1, Ameria, Xelloss Page 1, Romance Page 1, and Group Page 1 were all updated, as well most of the sections in the Other Anime category. Also, there's a new section under Toons: Inu Yasha toons courtesy of Akane! Go take a look! More to come as Akane gets busy on her scanner!

12-15-00: New fanart! Check out the Fanfiction, Fanart, and Humor sections for some new title art drawn by Akane no Hime and colored by me!

12-13-00: New story alert! "I Love You", the prequel to "Dante's Prayer" is now posted! Immediately after the events of Slayers Try, Ameria flashes back to the night before she said goodbye to Zelgadiss, Lina, and Gourry, wishing she had been able to tell Zelgadiss just what she felt for him. Take a look!

12-08-00: Check out the new "Slayers Fight!" in the Humor section to see Xelloss take on... the Ghostbusters??

11-29-00: Chapter Four of Slayers New has been posted on the New World Trilogy page, so go take a look!

11-28-00: Another update to the Humor page: the first episode of "Slayers Fight!" has been added. Check it out! Another episode will be added in a few days.

11-27-00: The first of the Library's renovation is here! Gourry's Book Reviews #5-6 have been added to the Humor page. Additional updates will be coming over the course of the next week.

10-26-00: This is the beginning of a bit of renovation at the Library. Xanthix has pointed out to me that the page is a little cumbersome to navigate, since you have to click through so many pages to get to the content. Well, that's going to be changed. I'm in the process of making new images for each area you see to the left, but for now, this layout should make loading time a little faster. Drop me a line in the forum to let me know what you think!

10-19-00: Hey guys, if you really like the Library, you can vote for it on the Anime Pitstop Top 100 by clicking here!

In other news, I didn't get updated *everything* I wanted done, but I did get two really important things accomplished. First, the Other Anime section is up! It's got a bunch of Fanart by Akane no Hime, from series like Sailormoon, Ranma, and Inu Yasha! The thing is, though, that Akane sorta forgot to give me roughly 100 or so fanarts. (clears throat and looks meaningfully at Akane) So if you want more Other Anime fanart, go bug her! ^_^ Tell her to scan in her stuff ASAP!

I didn't have as much time tonite as I wanted, so I only got one of Mango's new Gourry's Book Reviews up and running. Two more will follow shortly. This one's funny, though, so hopefully it'll be enough to tide you over till I get the next two installments up.

I also changed the "About Esther" section. Soon it will be the "About the Library Staff" page, but not till I talk to the Staff to see what they want me to say about them. ^_^ Till then, thanks for visiting the Library!

10-15-00: We've got over 1000 hits! Yatta! That means that in the seventeen days since I first started advertising this site, we've picked up some 950 hits! Thanks for visiting, minna-san! ^_^

Small, yet humorous update. First, I added two fanart by Akane, in the Naga and Group pages. Second, I added two new "Gourry's Book Reviews" by Mango in the Humor section. Go check these out--they're really funny!

On another note, I will be doing a huge update sometime this week and after Tuesday (when I take the GRE--wish me luck!), in which I'll actually be putting up the Other Anime section. In addition, I'll be adding the first parts of a very cool crossover story by Xanthix, which Zel and Ameria fans won't want to miss. Also, I'll put up Slayers New Chapter 4 as soon as I do the final revision. Whew, that's a lot! ^_^

10-6-00: The Doujinshi section is now operational! (It's also all I had time to update tonite. ^_^) There are currently two doujinshi there, both by Akane no Hime. My doujinshi (all two pages of it...) will soon follow, as soon as I scan it in. I would put up my fanart tonite, but alas, I have Japanese to study for, and I'm tired. Gomen! Look for more updates, including my (small) collection of fanarts after this weekend!

10-4-00: Thanks to everyone who signed the guestbook already. ^_^ I added Chapter Three to Slayers New, so please take a look!

10-3-00: If you're a webring admin, please check the links page, and then read the message in the Forum regarding this issue before you email me about it. Thank you.

In other news, the Library now has a Forum and a Guestbook. You can start discussions at the Forum, and leave me messages at the Guestbook (and promote your own site while you're at it). Check it out!

9-28-00: The Library of Slayers Creativity is now officially open! ::cuts the ribbon across the entrance:: Yatta! Now, there are still a few parts that are under construction, but they'll be updated ASAP. For now, here's what's new: Three new Fanart pieces by Akane no Hime (marked new), two new Humor pieces by Mango, a Link page, a How to Link the Library page, and finally ::drum roll:: the pičce de résistance, the opening chapters of Slayers New, the first episode of the Slayers New World Trilogy by me, Esther!

What isn't available: the entire Other Anime section, the Doujinshi (need to get images from Akane), and a fanfic each from Xanthix and A-sama (although these may not be up for awhile).

For now, though, I'm extending my official welcome to the Library, and please have a look around everywhere! CC is appreciated--drop me a line sometime! Enjoy!

8-30-00: The Library is officially semi-open, as 2/3 of the sections now have something in them. ^_^ Here's the rundown of what's available: Fanfics (two, each by me, Esther), Fanart (by Akane no Hime and), Toons (by me, including the milk ads), and Humor (one piece by Xanthix and two by me). What isn't available: Links, Doujinshi and Other Anime. I'm getting there, though. Doujinshi should be up soon, and the Other Anime section will be up as soon as I can write html and upload Akane no Hime's artwork (and my one fanfic). PLEASE bear in mind that this page is ENTIRELY under construction, and things are subject to change without notice. If you click on a link and something isn't there, it's probably because I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Also, please email the authors/artists with C/C (no flames, please!). We love hearing from people! ^_^

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