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The Library of Slayers Creativity Staff
(Or, who runs this crazy place, anyway?)

Welcome to the Library of Slayers Creativity!

Left to right: Mango, Akane no Hime, Xanthix, and Esther (bottom)

Esther Nairn

Name: ::wags no-no finger:: Sore wa himitsu desu. |||^_~|||
Email: Send Esther an email through our site!
Position: Since I'm not really doing web stuff anymore, just call me Supreme Ruler of the Anime Library Universe. Right Myrddin? ^_^ Seriously, I'm one of three resident ficwriters and the all-around person in charge. On rare occasions I do art too, but not nearly as good as Akane.
Age: Mentally? 12. Physically? Twentysomething.
Sign: Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, Leo rising.
Myers-Briggs Type: INTJ (just like Zel, oh joy...) (visit Keirsey and Astra's site to find out what this means)
Theme song(s): "My Way" by Frank Sinatra, "You Gotta Be" by Desree, "Where My Heart Will Take Me" by Russell Watson (Enterprise theme)
The One Thing I Most Wish I Could Do: See the world through other people's eyes.
Favorite Anime: Slayers
Favorite Anime Besides Slayers: Inuyasha, Saint Tail, Rurouni Kenshin
Favorite Slayers Character: Xelloss (overall anime favorite)
Favorite Slayers Antagonist: Gaav
Favorite Slayers Song(s): "Kagirinai Yokubou no Naka ni" ("In My Unlimited Desires") and "Midnight Blue"
Favorite Slayers Season: I love 'em all, for various reasons.
Favorite Slayers Couple: All TRAD pairings, especially Zel/Ameria.
Sub or dub: Sub, but I'm dub-friendly as long as people don't misinterpret the characters based on their dub voices.
Favorite Non-Anime Show/Movie: Star Wars.
Thanks To: God for being patient with me, my parents for their generosity, Akane for her awesome talent and friendship, Xanthix for his unconditional love over the past eight years, my friends for liking me despite, or perhaps because of, my personality quirks, my enemies for keeping me on my toes, and all of the Library's fans for their support.

I was raised by two published authors--my Mom has written two mystery novels so far, and Dad has had some of his articles published. They taught me how to write as I grew up, which is why I love writing fiction, and why I'm so nitpicky about my own writing. I sometimes take a long time to write stories because I want quality over quantity; I mercilessly revise, revise, and re-revise my writing until it's as good as I can make it. I'm notorious for being a little bossy and (mostly harmlessly) devious, >:-) and for my tendency to dress up as guy characters for costume contests (No, ACen 2000 was not the first time.). My favorite anime characters are usually obnoxious, devious, psychic, or able to teleport. I'm also a closet hopeless romantic. ::blushies:: Music has been important to me from a very early age; I've even written some of my own. My tastes range from classical symphonies to Japanese death rock and everything in between. My ultimate goal is world domination, but, due to an unfortunate allergy to cats (no one who has ruled the world has been without one), I will have to settle with owning my own company and being my own boss, which has been one of my many dreams for quite some time.

Akane no Hime (Scarlet Princess)

Email: Send Akane an email through our site!
Position: Artist/graphics designer
Age: I'm in the 17-23 age group.
Sign: Scorpio, with Scorpio rising
Myers-Briggs Type: ENFP
Theme song: Opening theme: "Lady in Red" by Charles DeBurgh; Closing theme: "Open Your Mind" from Saiyuki
Favorite Anime: Slayers, with Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi, and Inu Yasha as my second favorites
Favorite Slayers Character: Favorite female character: Lina; favorite male character: Zelgadiss, but I don't think those two should be paired together.
Favorite Slayers Antagonist: Xelloss
Favorite Slayers Song(s): Alone, Give a Reason, Breeze, In This Arm, Waru Bad Blood, We Are, Sasurai (Wandering), and a couple others.
Favorite Slayers Season: I like first season a lot, but I love the further character development in Next, and I LOVE the animation and rounding out of the characters and plot. Well...I guess that means I don't have an absolute favorite, ne? ^_^;
Favorite Slayers Couple: In this order: Ameria/Zel, Xelloss/Filia, Lina/Gourry
Sub or Dub: Subbed
Favorite Non-Anime Show/Movie: Star Wars and any comedy, musical, martial arts, or James Bond movies.
Thanks To: Esther, for giving me advice in my artistic endeavors ever since I was a little Akane, my entire family and circle of friends for that matter, for helping me through the toughest times of my life (and for them having the patience to put up with me when I'm frustrated ^_^;). They've been wonderful to me, and I'd give anything for them.

Well...where to start...I've been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil (since I was about two). I started out drawing furries (like Mickey Mouse, Looney Toons, Tiny Toons) and I created my very first original cartoon character when I was about six. I originally got into Anime by watching Hello Kitty, followed by Ronin Warriors when I was in 5th grade, followed by Sailor Moon. A few years later, I found Slayers in the small anime section at Video Update. Even though I didn't like some of the dub voices, I fell in love with the storyline and characters. Esther didn't like it at first, but she started looking up Slayers info and searching for subtitled tapes, and I started drawing (in fact, the first anime picture I ever drew was of Zelgadiss, and is marked in the Fanart section of this site). Then, my wonderful math tutor, Maze, got me into "Ah! Megamisama", and my love of anime just kind of snowballed ever since.


Email: Send Xanthix an email through our site!
Position: Writer, Web Monkey
Myers-Briggs Type: INFJ
Favorite Anime Aside from Slayers: Trigun, Kenshin, Macross Plus
Favorite Slayers Character: Jirasu (I just *know* he's related to StarFox)
Favorite Slayers Angagonist: Gaav
Favorite Slayers Song(s): Next opening and Try ending
Favorite Slayers Season: Next
Favorite Slayers Couple: Any but Xelloss/Firia!
Sub or Dub: Sub
Favorite Non-Anime Show/Movie: Star Trek Enterprise
Thanks To:
Esther-san, for motivation
Akane no Hime, for cheer
Kami-sama, for creativity

Greetings everyone! I'm glad to be part of the Library, and I hope you enjoy it here too. There's a lot of good anime out there. Most of the Library staff tends to fall for the "Japanese schoolgirl who falls down a well into another world" shows like Escaflowne, Fushugi Yugi, and Inu Yasha, so I'm here to represent the mecha and swords and sorcery shows. I like how Slayers incorporates elements of all of these though. My other favorite parts of Slayers are how all the characters are 3-D and realistic, not cardboard heroes and villians.

My interestes besides watching anime include reading, web design, and video games. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!


Email: Send Mango an email through our site!
Position: Writer, manual labor
Age: Avagadro's Number
Sign: Taurus
Myers-Briggs Type: INFP
Theme song: Dark Wing Duck Theme
Favorite Anime: Trigun, Ranma 1/2
Favorite Slayers Character: Naga
Favorite Slayers Angagonist: Xelloss
Favorite Slayers Song(s): The Martina song & Naga's
Favorite Slayers Season: Try
Favorite Slayers Couple: Xel/ Phiria
Sub or Dub: Sub
Favorite Non-Anime Show/Movie: Lone Gunman, WWF, Dark Wing Duck, Jackie Chan Adventures, SImpsons, any Kevin Smith Movie, Jackie Chan movies
Thanks To: I want to thank Mr Buick

Mango...loves you!

Myrddin Emrys

Email: Send Myrddin an email through our site!
Position: Web Content Coordinator, or in the words of Esther, which she will eventually regret, "Web Monkey"
Favorite Anime Aside from Slayers: Lost Universe, Love Hina, Kenshin and, of course, the greatest anime ever, TRANSFORMERS
Favorite Slayers Characters: Zel and Lina
Favorite Slayers Antagonists: Xellos and Gaav
Favorite Slayers Season: Hmm... Thatís a tough one. I guess I would have to say Next, but I like Try a lot too.
Favorite Slayers Couple: Zel and Ameria
Sub or Dub: Sub, is there any other type
Favorite Non-Anime Show/Movie: Star Wars and Star Trek
Thanks To:
Akane, for putting up with me
Esther, for helping me harass Akane
Xanthix, for being a great friend and getting me hooked on CCGs
And my mom, for being the best mom in the universe

Iím a CS major who loves coding and wants to get more HTML experience. Iím also a devout anime fan who loves everything from Mecha to Fantasy. I can do without the cutesy school girl stuff, though. Slayers was the first Anime I got into knowingly, and it will always be my favorite. I instantly fell in love with the characters, and the storylines are great. Plus, it has tons of magic and swords, which is one of the definitions of a good series in my book.

As for what I do in the few free minutes I have in between watching anime and working on coding projects, I can usually be found reading or playing video games, especially RPGs.

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