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The Slayers Balance Prologue Quiz!

Hello, devoted readers! What's this about the Prologue of Slayers Balance, you ask? Well, Akane's not done with the fanart I'd like to use as an intro to the story, and I'd like to wait for her to finish before I officially post the prologue. However, the darn thing's been revised and finished for awhile, and I'd like to share it with those out there who are really devoted to the story. At first I thought I'd just email it to people who wanted to read it, but that would be too easy, ne?

Instead, I came up with a little quiz. Don't worry, you don't have to get all the answers right. Just take the quiz and send it in, and I'll reply with a secret link that will take you to the prologue. It's that easy! And hopefully fun. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

What's the name on your Library card?

Where should I send the Prologue of Slayers Balance?

Question 1: Remember the prologue of Slayers New? Good. In the prologue, Giga received a prophesy. What was the first line of that prophesy?
"Villains have no rights."
"Chaos and balance"
"The conjoining of the New"
"Someone even a dragon wouldn't mess with."

Question 2: Here's an easy one. In the first chapter of Slayers New, Lina and Gourry are going from where to where?
Saillune to Nakuchoni
Achek's Tower to Mipross Island
Mota Village to Chorion City
Chorion City to Achek's Tower

Question 3: All right, no more Ms. Nice Author. This one's for you nitpickers out there. What kind of hair color/style do the following characters have (in this order): Lina, Gourry, Ameria, Zel, Erika?
Red/Spiky, Blond/Short, Black/Frizzy, Purpleish/Metal, Black/Permed
Black/Straight, Red/Mohawk, Blond/Curly, Red/Greasy, Blonde/Frizzy
Red/Long, Blond/Long, Black/Short, Purpleish/Short, Blonde/Wavy
Black/Curly, Red/Buzzed, Blond/Mohawk, Red/Spiky, Black/Metal

Question 4: What do both Lina's and Gourry's dreams have in common? (No, extreme weirdness is not an option.)
Chibi Gourrys
Chibi Linas

Question 5: Think fast! True or false: Sorcerers are immune to the effects of Chana.

Question 6: Once Erika's little secret was revealed, she went into a long explanation that covered her abilities, her people, the location of Gourry and Ameria, and how to order a complete set of Tupperware for only $19.95. (Just kidding about the Tupperware.) From this explanation, we know Chana is dependent on:
A Chakar's will and energy.
A Chakar's energy and affinities.
A Chakar's will, energy, and affinities.
A Chakar's will, energy, affinity, and the phase of the moon.

Question 7: Tell the truth: Did you really think Erika was dead at the end of Chapter Eight?
Heck, yeah!
I considered the possibility, yes.
Naaaaaaah, you wouldn't do that to her.
You jerk! Why'd you leave me hanging like that?!

Question 8: Prove to me you weren't falling asleep toward the end of the story. By the end of Chapter Nine, what's the unofficial name of Gourry's sword?
A "Psi-blade"
"The sword that takes"
A "Lightsaber"
"The Sword of Light"
"Lina's Sword"

Question 9: Where do Lina-tachi plan to go after the events of Chapter Nine and why?
To see the Wizard, because if ever oh ever a wiz there was, the Wizard of Oz is one.
To see the Elder of the Chakar tribe so he can tell them more about "the sword that gives".
To see Xelloss, just because they miss him so much.
To Orios so they can find out more about Gourry's sword.
To Filia's house for tea and crumpets.

Question 10: (Last one!) Aren't you just a little curious as to who the orb in the epilogue is?
I'm dying to know. Tell meeeeeee!
I think I already know. (Smug, aren't we?)
I'll wait till you tell me, Esther.
Eh, who cares? I'll find out eventually.

Got any comments? You can send 'em to me here!

Slayers Library -> Slayers Balance Prologue Quiz

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