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What library would be complete without other resources for its patrons? Check out these links for more Slayers creative works, or surf the webrings for other Slayers pages. Note: The Library is not responsible for the content of the pages below; if a link suddenly points to an inappropriate site (like the Anime Pitstop did), please email Esther.

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The Victory Shrine to Love!

Go here. Go now. This is the most intelligent, well-argued and logical Slayers explanation site in existance. An excellent, excellent source of information (and endless discussion) for fanfic writers, as well as anyone who loves Slayers.

The Mysterious Priestesses' Den of Slayers Silliness

The hilarious home of Pairaka's and Silvestris's fanfiction, creative works, and other "silly things". The fanfics are awesome and the fanart is like nothing you've seen before. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll have a blast at this site.

The Princess and the Chimera Couple Shrine

As Astra has put it, this is the spiritual home of Z/A supporters. Alyson is the brave soul who put up a Z/A site early on in Slayers fandom, giving traditional couple supporters some ammunition against rabid L/Z fans. Thanks, Alyson!

Z&A Forever Writers' Guild

The Z&A Forever Writers' Guild is dedicated to collecting the fanfics of fellow Zelgadiss/Ameria supporters. This awesome site is *the* place to go for sweet fics with that ever-rare Z/A slant.

Vexations: Xellia Writers' Guild

The Vexations: Xellia Writers' Guild is the best place to go to find good Xelloss/Filia fanfiction. Whether you're neutral toward this couple, or love them both to pieces, drop by (or Filia might just smack you with that mace of hers...)! ^^;;;

The Gourrina Writer's Guild

The Gourrina Writers' Guild is the home of a compendium of fanfiction that supports the Lina/Gourry pairing. Check this place out, whether you're in the mood for a cozy romance or an adventure fic that portrays Lina and Gourry as they were meant to be: together.

THE definitive home for Slayers information. The WWWBoard is the best place to go to ask Slayers-related questions of all kinds, and the spell index is a great resource for ficwriters.

Slayers TRAD Mailing List

Ever wonder where all those Lina/Gourry and/or Zel/Ameria coupling fans are on the net? Look no further. This is a mailing list run by Pairaka (one of the Myserious Priestesses) for people with that very mindset.

Slayers Victory!

This is a very cool site run by Diane, who's a real sweetheart I know from the Slayers TRAD mailing list. The Try Gallery here is awesome, and the merchandise section is a great idea. Nice fanart, Diane!


You don't have to speak Spanish to see that this is a great site. It's easily navigable and offers a lot of cool content!

Kris_chan's Complete Guide to Mazoku

An up-and-coming site dedicated to those who serve the forces of destruction. ^_^

Go Anime

This is the site of a fellow Xelloss fan with some very cool fanart!

The Lina and Gourry Shrine

Christine, who I know from the Slayers TRAD mailing list, has a great shrine dedicated to Lina and Gourry (and a little Zel/Ameria on the side). Great artwork galleries, Christine!

Lina's Silly Little Bandit Hideout

This awesome page is home to some of the funniest Slayers stuff I've found on the net. It's run by Dani (a.k.a. C.G.) from the Slayers TRAD mailing list. Check out the toons--they're hysterical!

Fair Blue

A page dedicated to a Zelgadiss RPGer with some nice fanart.

Kavi's Anime Fanfiction Archive

A budding Anime fanfiction site.

Slayers Otakus

A Spanish Slayers site with an awesome layout.

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Vampire Princess Trixie ^_~

And of course, the anipike. An indispensible source for all anime fans everywhere. I love Trixie--she's so cute!

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