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Slayers Library -> Humor -> How the Slayers Would Eat A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, by Esther

How the Slayers Would Eat A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, by Esther

  • Lina: "I like them toasted! Fireball!!"

    There's no wrong way (cups are enveloped in flames) to eat a Reese's.

  • Gourry: (tosses a cup in the air, slices it with his sword, catches one piece and eats it) "Hey, that's pretty good! Where can I get more?" (looks around suspiciously, whispers) "But don't tell Lina about them or I'll never get to eat any with her around..."

    There's no wrong way (Hikari no Ken slices cups in half) to eat a Reese's.

  • Ameria: (finds a high place to stand) "Evil fiends who encase poor, defenseless peanut butter in rich milk chocolate! I, Ameria Wil Tesla Saillune, will not stand for this! In the name of justice, I hereby free you, good peanut butter!" (nibbles away at the chocolate)

    There's no wrong way (chocolate disappears from around the peanut butter) to eat a Reese's.

  • Zelgadiss: (holds a cup in between two stony fingers, a delighted expression on his face) "At last, I found the cure for my curse!"

    There's no wrong way (blue aura appears around cups) to eat a Reese's.

  • Sylphiel: (holds cup in her hands, shakes her head repeatedly and squeals in delight) "Kawaii! Kawaii! Kawaii!!"

    There's no wrong way (cups shrink to half their size, then disappear) to eat a Reese's.

  • Rezo: (runs his fingers along the cup, trying to figure out what it is) Maybe the Philosopher Stone is hidden inside one of these!

    There's no wrong way (cups turn into blue stone) to eat a Reese's.

  • Prince Phil: I like to mix the peanut butter together with the chocolate! PACIFIST CRUSH!

    There's no wrong way (cups flatten into an indistinguishable mess) to eat a Reese's.

  • Vrumugan: "I bet they'd be better frozen. Freeze Arrow!"

    There's no wrong way (multiple cups appear, each with a red jewel embedded in the top) to eat a Reese's.

  • Zangulus: "There's nothing better than a good sugar fix after defeating yet another unworthy opponent."

    There's no wrong way (Demonic Howling Sword blows cups away) to eat a Reese's.

  • Eris: (delicately takes a bite) I should make copies of these for Rezo-sama!"

    There's no wrong way (shaft of light pierces cup) to eat a Reese's.

  • Copy Rezo: "I must enjoy this cup more than the original Rezo!"

    There's no wrong way (Rezo's Legacy crashes down on top of the cups) to eat a Reese's.

  • Naga: (holds a hand to her face) "Ooh hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! So, they think they can fool me into believing there is real peanut butter in this little cup? Oooooh hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! As they will soon discover, no one can decieve..." (licks the top of the cup) "...Naga's sensitive taste buds!"

    There's no wrong way (cups blush a bright red and hiccup) to eat a Reese's.

  • Martina: "Zoamelgustav-sama has shown his blessing on the world in the form of this peanut butter and chocolate! When I rebuild Xoana, I'll pass a royal decree that everyone must eat them!"

    There's no wrong way (a magic spell destroys one cup, and the other promptly blows up) to eat a Reese's.

  • Maryuu-ou Gaav: "They're a great snack for when you're on the run, being chased by the rest of your race. Mazoku lords have to eat, too, y'know."

    There's no wrong way (a red dragon head appears and swallows the cups) to eat a Reese's.

  • Hellmaster Fibrizo: "Maybe if I kidnap all the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the world, Lina Inverse will have to cast the Giga Slave!"

    There's no wrong way (cups are encased in spheres, which then shatter) to eat a Reese's.

  • Filia and Xelloss:
    Xelloss: (studies cups, takes a bite of one) "How clever! Try one, Filia-san!"
    Filia: (sticks her nose up into the air) "I REFUSE to eat anything a namagomi Mazoku approves of! "
    Xelloss: (twitch, twitch) "Do all Ryuzoku refuse offers as rudely as you do?"
    Filia: (tail pops out) "I have every right to refuse the offer of a namagomi Mazoku! Besides, you probably poisoned it!"
    Xelloss: "Only namagomi call others namagomi!"

    There's no wrong way (mace appears and crushes cups) to eat a Reese's.

  • Darkstar: (gathers together the five Reese's Peanut Butter Cups of Light)

    There's no wrong way (five cups begin to glow) to eat a Reese's.

  • Greater Beast Zelas Metallium: (exhales smoke in a delicate ring, takes a small bite, smiles mysteriously)

    There's no wrong way (smoke ring encircles cups, which promptly disappear) to eat a Reese's.

  • Luna Inverse: (takes a cup off her waitress's tray, tastes it) "I should send some of these to my dear sister..." (grins smugly)

    There's no wrong way (a Reese's-sized envelope marked "To Lina" appears while the sound of Lina screaming can be heard in the background) to eat a Reese's.

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