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Gourry's Book Report, Part 9
by Mango


Well, this week I was beginning to think of which book to read next. I went to the library to see if there were any other books I haven't reviewed. And to my surprise, THERE WERE! So I walked up to the book-technician and asked what is a book I haven't read. She gave me the local phone book. Little did she know that I've already read it!

So I left the library with the phone book. I looked up books. And I saw that Middletown High School was having a book sale. At first I said to myself, So? Then I thought that I need a book to review. Then I said, so? And then I said a book sale is a good place to get books to review. So then I said, I'm hungry. So I went to McDonalds and I asked Ronald McDonald, the owner, what he thought. He wasn't much help, but he did give me a balloon animal and a Quarter Pounder with cheese and extra pickles. So I asked a kid in the play ground area what he thought I should do. He started pulling on my hair, and then he ran into the ball pit. He was never seen again... so after a while, security asked me to leave. I asked him, and he said that he has to read the book Grape Gatsby.

So I looked into it, and found a book called The Great Gatsby. After reading, my head hurt. It was weird. I have gotten hit, kicked, beaten, flattened, crushed, thrown, blown up, and yet this was the worst pain ever. There were a lot of colors in this book. In words. The pages were white and the type was black. So I chose to illustrate the colors for all of you.

This is the color green. It is symbolic of Gatsby's envy of Tom.

This is white, it is the color of innocence..

This is magenta. I just like the color magenta. It's pretty. Colors in general are pretty. So are hot dogs. Hot dogs are like poetry. So beautiful.. More beautiful than anything... Hang on a second, I'm getting emotional...

Bottom line: Colors are pretty, as are hot dogs, and never use symbolism ever.


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Slayers Library -> Humor -> Gourry's Book Report, Part 9, by Mango

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