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Slayers Library -> Humor -> Gourry's Book Report, Part 4, by Mango

Gourry's Book Report, Part 4
by Mango

HI EVERYONE! This week I ready A Tale of Two Cities by some guy name Cliff Notes. Wow has he ever written a lot of books! This story is the best of times and the worst of times. And um...that's about it. I guess at one city you'll have the worst time, and at the other city you'll have the best time. I wonder what the two cities are? Hmm... I remember once I went driving, and I got lost in this city called Flowersfield. That was bad. The city was really small. Actually now that I think about it, I was in the mall, and that was the name of the store I tried to park the car in. Oh well. It was a quick and an easy painless read. So until next time, tis a far far better book I read than I have never wish I had to read...before?

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Slayers Library -> Humor -> Gourry's Book Report, Part 4, by Mango

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