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Gourry's Book Report, Part 3
by Mango

Hello again all! This week I'll be reviewing the literary master cheese by William...Shake...spore? Willy S. Hamlet.

I know what you're thinking, but it's not about what you may think it is at first glance. I had the same thought. Hamlet means a pig. Maybe a talking on like one like Babe! But alas, it was a talking dog like Goliath. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with talking dogs. As long as they aren't running rampant on the streets, stealing fruit and marbles and those little candy's inside of the chocolate balls that are oh so very good...any way I was just really looking forward to ham!

The incorrectly named Hamlet is a very depressed, famous dog. He was a great Dane after all (bu dum pa pa) and a prince. Pretty cool, huh? He was sad and he killed a lot of people. He was like that dog from that Steven King novel about the dog that killed a lot of people. Hey! Willy S. stole this idea from Steven King, that guy who manages boxers! That's not right.

Sadly in the end, they had Hamlet put to sleep. It was sad like in Old Yeller. That made me sad, but I went out to the store and got a ham sandwich. I was happy then. It was a really good ham sandwich. It had a cheese of some kind, and mustard. I like pickles on my sandwiches, but this one didn't have any, but I ate it anyway. It was still good.

Over all I have on comment. To be or not to be, it isn't a question at all. And yes Hamlet, it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune rather than taking arms against a sea of sorrow. =).

And now I leave you all with one final note.

To eat or not to eat! That is not a question. Weather tis wiser to consume thine food or to take arms against a psychotic red-headed mentally deranged psycho and by opposing her, hurting me. To eat, to hurt, No MORE! Any to eat to say I end my hunger. Alas poor Xelloss, he ate my sandwich! GET OVER HERE FLOATY BOY!

Please do not repost or reproduce without permission.

Slayers Library -> Humor -> Gourry's Book Report, Part 3, by Mango

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