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Slayers Fight!

This week:

Lina Inverse
Sailor Mars!

Fire Fight!

This week, we move on to female leads. And let me begin by saying that it's hard to come up with an even match for Dragon Spooker Lina Inverse! But we may have found a worthy opponent in Sailor Mars, famous teammate of Sailor Moon. Both Lina and Mars are teenagers with large amounts of power and equally large amouts of attitude. This could be a hot match - both contestants are also known for their fiery tempers and love of fire in general!

Just a note for die-hard fans of either series, though: we do have to make allowances when comparing characters from different shows. So, we won't be covering every facet of these characters. But I will try to do them both justice! It's just that this becomes a less evenly-matched fight if we throw in the power of the Giga Slave or the weight of the Moon Kingdom, so to keep everyone happy I'll compromise a little. There are casualties in every compromise... let's just hope those are the only casualties in this explosive battle!

The Slayers Favorite

What can you say about Lina Inverse? She's one of the most powerful human sorcerers in her world. She can wield powers capable of destroying cities. Dragons fear her, and her name is well-known even among the Mazoku of the Astral Plane. Okay, I guess there's a lot you can say about Lina! This self-proclaimed Sorcery Genius is a handful for her friends and a dangerous opponent for even her most powerful enemies. Even more amazing than her power is her intelligence, and her integrity despite numerous obstacles (ignoring certain sidetracks when money, food, or treasure are involved!).

The Contender

Who is it that can stand up to Lina? Someone with great power, and great determination! Sailor Mars meets those qualifications and then some. One of the Inner Sailor Senshi/Scouts, she commands the Fire-power of Mars itself. As a Scout/Senshi she has enhanced strength, skill, and rejuvenation, as well as several powerful fire-based attacks. She also has considerable experience with the supernatural, through her Shinto priest grandfather and through the countless foes she has fought to protect the Earth. And perhaps most important for this fight, she has a short temper as fiery as Lina's!

Quick Break Down:

  Lina Inverse Sailor Mars
First Attack: Fireball Mars Fire Ignite
Second Attack: Flare Arrow Mars Celestial Fire Surround
Finisher Move: Dragon Slave Mars Flame Sniper
Defense: Protection Spells Ofuda Scrolls
Danger Zone:  Do NOT mention 
chest size!
Do NOT insult
her friends!

Detailed Analysis:

This fight is one that you'll want to watch from a distance, that's for sure. The action will probably begin with a house-sized Fireball or three, and escalate from there. Expect the two contestent's tempers to fuel their attacks, ever increasing the stakes as the pyromania builds!

The battle could rage on quite a while, too. Stretching the inter-series comparisons, we might say that an Ofuda Scroll could ward of a low-level attack spell, and that Lina (with Levitation, Ray Wing, and so on) could dodge Mars's attacks as easily as all those Negaverse creeps seem to. Both of the contestants are as tenacious as they come, so don't place your bets too early. It might come down to a stroke of luck, a momentary lapse in defense, a clever tactic turning the tables...

Final Remarks:

Where will this battle end up? There's actually a good chance that the spells and special attacks will stop before a Dragon Slave or Flame Sniper decides things. Lina has been known to cancel fire spells with water or ice spells, which could remove the magic portion of this battle in a puff of smoke, er, steam. Then, with the magical battle at a standstill, either of the hot-tempered girls may try to use insult as injury. Then we'd have a clash of egoes worse than the previous clash of fire spells. Sooner or later Mars is going to use the chest-size barb... and Lina will pounce on her just like anyone else foolish enough to hit just above the belt. Ouch, that's gotta hurt - seperate those two, we came to see a firefight, not a catfight!

The Winner: Tie!!

Up Next: Magical Jellyfish vs. Luna and Artemis!

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Slayers Library -> Humor -> Slayers Fight! by Xanthix

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