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31 Name: brittany arnold ()
August 20, 2005 - 08:15 PM
Favorite Season? All of them
How'd you find us? looked it up
What'd you like? humor

Comments: wow i wish there where more places like this!!!laugh grin
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32 Name: Rebecca Lupos () (Homepage)
August 20, 2005 - 02:43 PM
Favorite Season? All of them
How'd you find us? google
What'd you like? etto... hard question...

Comments: I really like this site! It's Slayers, randomness, fanness and humour! The 4 things I like the most! ^_____^!!!
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33 Name: ini ()
August 20, 2005 - 12:42 AM
Favorite Season? All of them
How'd you find us?
What'd you like? fanart

Comments: laugh its really cool i want to shw mine can i huh can i please ,,,,grin hammmmmu. can you email me at [email protected]?wink rolleyes hoooo ok,ok ok
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34 Name: Stara Maijka ()
August 02, 2005 - 10:29 AM
Favorite Season? Next
What'd you like? Art & fanfiction

Comments: Yes, y'all spoiled me. It's been while since there's been an update. I hope this doesn't become an abandoned site like so many others have been. sad
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35 Name: Sweet Sugar ()
August 01, 2005 - 09:57 PM
Favorite Season? All of them
How'd you find us? I was looking around.
What'd you like? I liked the fanarts and...all I guess.

Comments: I think this website is awesome. I think this one might have some interesting things of slayers. Just so you know I like this website.
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36 Name: inuyasha'zmate ()
July 25, 2005 - 09:42 AM
How'd you find us? just surfing the net
What'd you like? the fanart, and the humor

Comments: I just have 2 say that this site rox! ^_^
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37 Name: Nicole () (Homepage)
July 22, 2005 - 02:14 PM
Favorite Season? All of them
How'd you find us? my bro's gurl
What'd you like? it's pics

Comments: this web site is awsome/off the hook.....way 2 go.laugh lipsrsealed grin angry wink
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38 Name: Kaylee ()
July 21, 2005 - 11:42 PM
Favorite Season? First
How'd you find us? While searching for Saint Tail
What'd you like? The fan art

Comments: Great Website you have here!!! I'm a huge fan of the slayers(my fav is Lina) My sister and I really enjoy the artwork because Akane no Hime's drawing style is simular to what I draw! I also have never been able to find a site with Saint Tail fanart! Keep up the great work!!!
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39 Name: Diana () (Homepage)
July 15, 2005 - 11:25 AM
Favorite Season? Next
How'd you find us? Google

Comments: Nice arts!!! I've seen your HP Fan Arts and they r pretty good! ^^

If u want to see some of my works plz visit

But don't see the "scraps" I have some yaoi in there xD
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40 Name: Miuki ()
July 10, 2005 - 11:58 AM
Favorite Season? First
How'd you find us? searching for a good anime website
What'd you like? the fanart, and doujinshi

Comments: thanx 4 putting up this website. finally a decent site for the slayers fanart. smiley
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