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Name: Jesse Shepherd () July 14, 2003 - 10:58 AM
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How'd you find us? ...I've been coming here so long that I forgot!
What'd you like? The "Humor" page, the fanfics, and the fanart.

Comments: It's amazing how much work all of you have put into this site! This is BY FAR the best anime dedicated web page I have ever been to! I loved your archives of fanart, quality fanfiction, and especially loved the hilarious "Humor" pieces such as "Gourry's Book Reviews" and the "Slayers Bumper Stickers." The reason I first came to the library was because the computers at my school could not download files. I used your music page because it played right off the site without the need to download.
Well, anyways, keep up the good work on your site! And congrats, Esther and Xanthix!
P.S. I also really liked Astra's classification of each of the Slayers characters in the MBTI - which I found from a link in the "About Us" section.
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