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The Great Crossover Adventure
Chapter 2: Sneak Attack

Maybe this wasn't the best idea in the world, Washu thought to herself. Oh well, nothing a scientific prodigy like herself couldn't handle.

"Okay everyone, I'll explain it once more," she began again. "Some evil force is trying to capture people and animals from all our dimensions. I brought you all here, to the kidnappers' dimension, to help find them and stop them."

The varied group was gradually catching on, but they were still very confused. Ryoko understood what Washu had done, but wasn't thrilled by things. But she knew that she was stuck in this dimension until Washu brought them back home, so she was reluctantly going along with things. Now she was sitting on a crate in the background, scowling at her mother.

Washu had figured that Zelgadiss would be able to deal with a transition like this, beyond the normal scope of his universe, and she was right. His experiences with the Astral Plane had allowed him to accept the idea of parallel universes. It had taken a while to convince him to re-sheath his sword, but now he stood with his arms crossed, listening to Washu seriously, trying to get the whole story. Ameria stood by his side, not sure what to think of Washu, and still sticking close to her companion.

Ranma was the most confused, though he tried not to show it. Washu realized that he probably had never dealt with any cross-dimensional happenstances, and so her explanation was directed mostly at him.

She continued, "Our dimensions, that is, our worlds, normally stay completely separated, but it's possible to travel between them. Some force has found a way to do so, but is abusing it by traveling to our dimensions and stealing people and items. Like your friend the pig."

"Hey! How do you know about Ryoga?" Ranma demanded, surprised.

"It's also possible to look across dimensions without traveling through them. I've been keeping an eye on all of you. You are all accomplished warriors and close to the ones stolen," she explained.

"Excuse me, Miss Washu," Ameria began. The idea of evil forces taking hostages had caught her attention. She gestured to Zelgadiss and herself. "Who was kidnapped from our world? In the name of Justice we will find them!" she almost shouted. Ryoko snickered.

"I detected that a large creature, what you would call a dragon, crossed the time-space continuum from your dimension a week ago," came Washu's reply. "And don't laugh, Ryoko. We too have to find anyone from our world who has been stolen. I haven't told you yet, but Ryo'ohki has been missing, and if Tenchi can't fight off those ships we saw, he may end up here too."

At this, Ryoko immediately became serious, and angry. "My cabbit, and my love, taken away, and NOW you tell me!?" She started turning red, apparently simmering with anger, but not taking her eyes off Washu, who stared back. Ranma and Ameria started edging away from where she was sitting.

Being used to violent female outbursts, Zelgadiss calmly asked Washu, "Pardon me, but where exactly is 'here'?"

Washu turned from Ryoko to look at Zelgadiss. "We are in the cargo bay of a spaceship, which belongs to someone else I've summoned to help. According to my calculations, he should be arriving... right about... now."

Fox had been listening at the cargo bay side door for a few minutes. He couldn't hear much through the reinforced door, but he didn't hear any explosions or weapons fire, which he figured was good. He decided that surprise would be his best bet against an unknown threat.

He activated the emergency override on the door, threw it open, and burst into the large room, preceded by his laser pistol. He saw the intruders twenty feet away, amidst some storage crates. He heard someone say "... now," but ignored it. He shouted menacingly, "Who are you and what have you done with my teammates!?"

Everyone looked up surprised, except for the one who had just spoken. She looked at Fox and said, "Hang on, Fox, I can explain all of this. Calm down."

Fox was starting to have a really bad day. He almost panicked as he thought, first they kidnap my team, then they blow up my planet, now they tell me to calm down?! He was starting to lose control.

"I don't know who you freaks are, but I want you off my ship!!!" he screamed.

In response, Washu sighed, America and Ranma looked around nervously, and Ryoko got up off the box she was sitting on. Fox gradually noticed that she had actually started to hover above the ground in front of the box. She didn't look friendly either. Fox re-aimed his laser at her, not sure what would happen. Zelgadiss drew his sword and assumed a fighting stance.

"Freaks? YOU are calling US freaks? WE'RE not the ones who started this mess!" Ryoko blared at him. She had had enough surprises for one day. She started to charge up to throw an energy blast. The air around her glowed and crackled with the electricity.

"Ryoko, stop it. You're not helping things!" Washu shouted. Fox came closer to squeezing his trigger.

"I don't care, I want Tenchi and Ryo'ohki back!!" she yelled furiously. With that, she let her aggression out and launched a bright yellow ball of destructive energy straight at Fox. Washu screamed Ryoko's name again. The energy ball screamed its way towards Fox. Ranma and Ameria just screamed.

Fox didn't know how she had launched such an attack, but his reflexes kicked in. With impressive speed his left hand flew from his pistol to his belt and hit the button that he hoped would save his life. Immediately a hexagonal blue shield appeared around him and he crouched within it.

The shield rose just in time; Ryoko's energy bolt had just reached Fox. The light became blinding to Fox as it was about to hit him. Suddenly, it hit the shield, and with a loud crack it bounced off. The force of the impact disabled the shield and threw Fox against the cargo bay wall. He quickly recovered and rolled up into a crouching position, again covering the group with his gun.

The energy bolt, however, wasn't finished. After ricocheting off of the shield, it rebounded back towards its origin. Washu dodged, as she had figured that this would happen. Ryoko quickly teleported out of the way, reappearing behind Washu. Ranma nimbly jumped up onto a nearby crate. This left Zelgadiss and Ameria in the path of the rapidly moving blast.

Zelgadiss prepared to deflect the projectile with his enchanted sword, but didn't have the chance to. Ameria shouted "Windy Shield!" and created a glowing barrier in front of them. The energy blast slammed into it, and in an explosion of sparks and smoke, completed its journey.

After the smoke cleared, it was quiet. Everyone tensely looked around. No one was seriously hurt, but would that change? Zelgadiss and Ameria were both ready for battle. Ryoko was hovering in the air, charged and ready to fire another bolt. Fox now had a laser rifle that he must have gotten from a wall cabinet. Ranma was perched on a crate, in a battle stance in his now-dusty tuxedo. Washu sighed.

It took a good stretch of time, but eventually Washu was able to calm everyone down and convince them to put away their respective weapons. Ryoko and Fox were still glaring at each other as everyone stood in a circle in the cargo bay, but at least they weren't shooting anymore. Washu had introduced everyone and brought Fox up to speed with the others on the situation. She was about to go into details.

Ranma was the first to speak up. "So, you want us all to help you find whoever's abducting people, and stop them?"

"Exactly," Washu replied. "I thought it would be fitting if a representative from each affected dimension was a part of the rescue team. As far as I can tell, so far only our dimensions have been affected. But we should hurry or others could be abducted too."

Fox spoke up. "All right, so we find whoever is behind this, stop 'em, I get my team back, and we all go home? Fine. But I don't like you taking my ship."

Washu said, "It was the only way. The enemy is in space, and no one else had a spaceship. I would have built one, of course, but even the world's greatest scientific genius can't build a spaceship in fifteen minutes." After saying this, she found it amusing that not everyone realized that she was referring to herself. Oh well, she thought, no need to press the issue.

"I realize that not all of you have had experience in space or with this kind of situation," she continued, "but if you work together and don't shoot each other too much, it'll work." She looked at Ryoko especially as she concluded.

Ryoko didn't miss the insinuation. "No one's gonna stand in my way until I find Tenchi. Got that?" she snapped, mostly at Fox, who ignored her threat.

Ameria was the next to speak. "We'll help out. People might not miss the dragon, but it should be returned to its home and saved from any evildoers."

Quite the practical one, Zelgadiss then asked, "Washu, you seem to have everything figured out. Do you have a plan as well?"

"I'm glad you asked that, Zelgadiss," came her smug reply. "Of course I do. But first, you should all know that this ship is about to be-"

She was cut off by Rob64's voice over the ship's intercom. "Red Alert! Red Alert! Hostile spacecraft closing on Great Fox. Red Alert!"

"-attacked," Washu finished, always happy when reality confirmed her calculations.

Immediately after the warning, Fox started running for the cockpit. As he bolted out the door, he barked into his wrist comlink, "Rob64! Evasive maneuvers! Return fire if fired upon!"

As he exited the bay, everyone was left staring blankly at Washu, who seemed to be the unofficial leader. Everyone except Ryoko, of course. "Well, what are you all looking at me for? Follow that fox if you want to have your first taste of a new dimension!" she replied to their stares. With that, everyone ran after Fox.

The Great Fox's cockpit was small, really only big enough to fit one comfortably. With the rear cockpit door open so everyone in the hall behind it could see through the windows, and with everyone trying to squeeze forward for the best view, it felt very crowded. Fox was glad that he had arrived here first, or he might not be in the pilot's seat.

He had ordered a status report moments before. The ever-obedient Rob64 replied, "Spacecraft of unknown registry closing on Great Fox. Negative response to communication attempts. Enemy weapons systems activated."

As the robot spoke, it conveniently located the unknown ship through the windows by highlighting it in a green targeting reticicle. Fox didn't recognize the ship; it looked more like a messed-up Arwing than anything of Andross's. But it was bigger than any Arwing. It had four main wings, or arms, that came to long slender spikes projecting out from the smaller center. There were also several other shorter arms. And there was a large red-purple gemlike structure in the center. There was little doubt that this was a weapons system. As the ship approached, the center glowed brighter and brighter.

Although Fox and most of the rest were at a loss, Ryoko recognized it immediately. "That's my cabbit!" she suddenly shouted.

"Your what?" came the collective reply.

Washu tried to fill everyone in. "It's a long story, but basically it's a powerful spaceship that loves carrots." As she expected, this didn't clear much up. But one of the joys of being so smart was being able to confuse people, and she wasn't a stranger to this effect. "Just don't shoot at it. You'll make it mad."

Fox at least understood the last part. "Rob64, try and maneuver us out of the ship's way. Don't return fire yet." Everyone felt the thrust from the engines as the Great Fox slid to the right, away from the other vessel.

It wasn't enough, however, or the other ship was looking for a fight. The purplish gem glowed incredibly bright for an instant, and a series of bright purple beams exploded from it and sliced across the darkness of space towards Fox's ship. The beams hit the Great Fox on its left side. One hit a forward laser cannon, utterly destroying the barrel and lens. The rest were concentrated on the left engine, along the side of the ship. A fuel cell was punctured, and a geyser of blue-green gas erupted from the hull.

Inside the cockpit, everything was in chaos. There was assorted screaming as soon as the enemy ship fired. The explosion of the laser cannon caused a bright orange flash that added to the confusion, and the leaking fuel erupting out of the left engine was pushing the ship into a slow roll. "Damage report!" Fox yelled over the hysteria. He couldn't hear Rob64's reply, but saw on a monitor that no critical systems other than propulsion had been hit. The left laser array was more space dust than functional equipment, but the left engine could be repaired in time. IF they survived this encounter, that was.

Fox tried to shoot back, but the remaining engine couldn't overcome the thrust caused by the leaking fuel; he couldn't aim the ship's guns at the powerful enemy. He knew he should have installed side or rear blasters, but with his team's terrible accuracy back in his dimension, he'd figured it wouldn't matter anyway.

It was just as well, though, because the enemy seemed content to gloat as it drifted by the Great Fox. After wreaking havoc on the ship that had appeared out of nowhere, the cabbit ship hovered nearby surveying the damage. When it concluded that it had done its job, it changed course and flew back to where it had come from.

"Excellent work," said a mysterious female. "How sneaky!"

"Thank you," her male counterpart replied. "I always did have a knack for sneak attacks. They never saw us coming!" They both started laughing in the smug, evil way so common to villains.

Continued in Chapter 3: Getting Aquainted

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