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The Great Crossover Adventure

This is a crossover story I wrote just to have fun writing, but that turned into a huge project, and ended up pretty neat. I hope you find the story interesting and amusing.

To help explain where the idea for such a weird crossover story came from, here's its origin: I wanted to write a story, and so while waiting for pizza, I asked my friends what I should write about. Here are their answers.

Who should be in the story?

  • Zelgadiss and Ameria (from Slayers anime)
  • Ranma Saotome (from Ranma 1/2 anime)
  • Fox McCloud (from StarFox64 Nintendo64 game)
  • Washu Hakubi (from Tenchi Muyo anime)

What should happen in the story?

  • Some people should turn into Sailor Senshi (Scouts).
  • Ameria should have a crush on Ranma.
  • There should be a school prom.
  • Someone should say, "Freeze! F.D.A.!"

It was then up to me to come up with a story to unite all of these elements. It turned into a ten-month process. Here is the result, for your entertainment.

Copyright Notes:
The story's plot is copyright 2000 Xanthix. All of the characters are copyright by their original creators. I do not claim copyright to any of the characters in the story (though I did strive to portray them as accurately as possible), or the settings. Please do not use the storyline for your own purposes or modify it, or this file, in any way. However, the story may be distributed freely as long as all the introductory information remains unchanged. Void where prohibited. Prohibited where void. New York residents add 5% sales tax.

Miscellaneous Notes:
The spellings of many of the characters' names may vary, as they are English spellings of Japanese names. My choices were based only on personal preferences. I left out Japanese honorifics like "-san," only for the sake of those not familiar with Japanese. The only word I had to leave was 'senshi,' since 'sailor scout' is a poor translation. Also, Zel and Ameria freaks, you have been warned, but you'll like the ending. Trust me.


Author: Xanthix
Characterization Consultant: Esther Nairn
Artistic Consultant: Akane no Hime


This story is dedicated to Akane. She is a great person, full of love and laughter (yet not afraid to tackle someone if they deserve it). She's not feeling well as I write this, so in addition to writing this to everyone who will read it and (hopefully) like it, I write it for her. Akane, we all love you.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Crossing Paths
Chapter 2: Sneak Attack
Chapter 3: Getting Aquainted
Chapter 4: Preparing for Battle
Chapter 5: Battle and Aftermath
Chapter 6: Confrontation
Chapter 7: Turning Tides
Chapter 8: Rescue and Recovery
Chapter 9: Reunions
Chapter 10: Epilogue

Please do not repost or reproduce without permission.

Slayers Library -> Fanfiction -> The Great Crossover Adventure, Introduction

"Slayers" is copyright H. Kanzaka / R. Araizumi. Original ideas, artwork, and text present on this page are copyright Esther Nairn, unless otherwise noted. No reproduction is allowed without express written or emailed permission. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.