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"Beauty and the Chimera"
Part Two

Xelloss: (hovers over the scene, holding Zel by the collar of his shirt) Wasn't that just lovely?
Zelgadiss: (tries to look disdainful while dangling in mid-air) When do I go on?
Xelloss: Yare, yare! That silence spell should've lasted longer. Why do you ask? (teases) Anxious for your little love scene?
Zelgadiss: (blushes) No, I need to get to Ameria to explain all of this to her! It's obvious she has no clue what's going on!
Xelloss: (smiles, his eyes closed) I think Ameria's rather enjoying it!
Zelgadiss: Well, I'm not. I can't believe you made Zangulus fall in love with her! That's so... (searches for the right word) ...wrong!
Xelloss: (grins even wider) I think you're jealous.
Zelgadiss: (blushes even harder) I am most certainly NOT! Now let us out of this nightmare!
Xelloss: (pouts) Awww, come on, Zelgadiss-san, lighten up! It'll be fun!
Zelgadiss: (folds his arms, glares up at Xelloss) Define fun.
Xelloss: It's fun, as in it's more fun than me turning you into a toad.
Zelgadiss: (goes back to sulking, tries to think of a way to warn Ameria and get out of this)
Xelloss: (nods) Wise choice. Now, I believe, our love-struck swordsman is about to finally meet up with the object of his affections. (grins wickedly)

Zangulus: (as he drops down from the roof right in front of Ameria, Vrumugan comes up behind him quietly) Hello, Belle.
Ameria: Bonjour, Gaston. (Zangulus pulls the book from her hands, and she reaches for it.) Give me my book back, please! It's not right to take things from other people like that!
Zangulus: (turning the book upside down in his hands) How can you read this? There's no pictures of swords!
Ameria: (exasperated) Books aren't just about swords!
Zangulus: Belle, it's about time you got your head out of those books (tosses the book into the mud) and paid attention to more important me! The whole town's talking about it. (The Martinas keep watching and collectively sigh. Ameria picks up the book and is cleans off the mud.) It's not right for a woman to read--soon she starts getting ideas...and thinking...
Ameria: (shocked) Gaston, you are positively primeval!
Zangulus: (puts his hand around her shoulders, completely missing her insult) Why thank you, Belle. Hey, whaddya say you and me take a walk over to the tavern and have a look at my hunting trophies!
Ameria: (thinking of her latest essay on righteousness waiting for her back home) Maybe some other time...
Martina 1: (to the others) What's wrong with her?
Martina 2: (incredulous) She's crazy!
Martina 3: (swoons) He's gorgeous!
Ameria: (ignoring them) And I have to get back and help my Papa!
Vrumugan: (comments dryly) He needs all the help he can get!
Ameria: (leaping up onto the nearest high place, which turns out to be Zangulus's shoulders, points down at Vrumugan) Don't you talk about my father that way!
Zangulus: (blasts Vrumugan with the Demonic Howling Sword) Yeah, don't talk about her father that way!
Vrumugan: (dies)
Xelloss: (sighing) We lose more of him that way... (snaps fingers, another Vrumugan appears before anyone can notice what's happened)
Ameria: (shouts) My father's not crazy! He's a pacifist warrior of righteousness and justice!
(Shouting is head in the background coming from Ameria's house--Ameria leaps off Zangulus's shoulders and runs off while he laughs heartily and the new Vrumugan tries to figure out what he's missed so far)

Xelloss: (turning a page in his script) Scene III already! Where does the time go?
Zelgadiss: Time flies when you're having "fun".
Xelloss: (drops him on the ground outside Ameria's house) I am having fun!
Zelgadiss: (picks himself up, dusts himself off) You would.
Xelloss: I wonder what a stone toad would look like...
Zelgadiss: Fine, fine, I get the message. (continues sulking)
Xelloss: (grins) And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Ameria: (running inside) Papa?
Prince Phil: (bellows) This speech!! I'm sick of it!
Ameria: (comes up to him) Are you all right, Papa?
Prince Phil: I'm about ready to give up on this thing! It's just not coming out right! (throws papers up in the air)
Ameria: (smiling sympathetically) You always say that.
Prince Phil: I mean it, this time. I'll never get this boneheaded speech to come out right.
Ameria: Yes, you will. And you'll win first prize at the fair tomorrow!
Prince Phil: Hmmmph!
Ameria: (adds) ...and become a world famous doer of justice!
Prince Phil: (looks at her hopefully) You really believe that?
Ameria: I always have. (picks up his notes and hands them to him)
Prince Phil: Well, what are we waiting for? I'll have this thing fixed in no time. (starts droning on about the technicalities of justice, making notes in his notes, pauses to ask) So, did you have a good time in town today?
Ameria: I got a new book. (pauses) Papa, do you think I'm odd?
Prince Phil: My daughter? Odd? (gives his best superhero pose in front of a mirror) Where would you get an idea like that?
Ameria: (wistfully) Oh, I don't know. It's just I'm not sure I fit in here. There's no one I can really talk to.
Prince Phil: What about that Gaston? He's a handsome fellow!
Ameria: He's handsome all right--and rude and conceited and... (frustrated) Oh Papa, he's not for me!
Zelgadiss: (watching on with Xelloss, mutters) He had BETTER not be...
Prince Phil: Well, don't you worry, cause this speech is going to be the start of a new life for us. I could go into politics--just think of it! Now, let's give it a try. (reads a lengthy speech to Ameria)
Ameria: It sounds great!
Prince Phil: It does? (excited) It does!
Ameria: (cheering) You did it! You really did it!
Prince Phil: Hitch up Philippe, girl. I'm off to the fair!

(Later on in the day...)
Xelloss: (cheerfully) Scene IV! And they're off!
Zelgadiss: (stands silently, watching Ameria help her father get situated on Philippe, the horse)
Xelloss: Any comment, Zelgadiss-san? Or should I say, Beast-san?
Zelgadiss: (scowls, but says nothing)
Xelloss: (tilts his head a little, still grinning) Hard-headed as a rock, but eventually you get it...
Zelgadiss: (fires up a spell) That's it!
Xelloss: (holds his staff in front of Zel, the ruby showing a picture, crystal ball-style, of Zel as a toad)
Zelgadiss: (stops, turns away, and blasts a nearby tree into smithereens in anger)

Ameria: (turns, but doesn't see Zel or Xelloss) What was that? (shrugs and turns back to her father)

Xelloss: (frowns) Now look at what you've done! Bad beast! Bad!
Zelgadiss: I am NOT a beast!
Xelloss: (pointedly) Well, you're acting awfully uncivilized for a human.
Zelgadiss: (starts chanting the Ra Tilt)
Xelloss: (looks at his bare wrist) Oh, would you look at the time! You're needed on the set! (casts a spell to brainwash Zel, teleports him off to the scene of his acting debut, then grins evilly) I SO love my work.

Prince Phil: (trying to get Philippe under control) Did you put all my notes in my bag, my daughter?
Ameria: (cheerfully) Yes, Papa!
Prince Phil: Then I'm off!
Ameria: (waves as her father rides off) Good bye, Papa! Good luck!
Prince Phil: Good bye, Belle, and take care while I'm gone!

(Prince Phil and Philippe continue on their journey through the forest until it is very dark and they reach a sign. They're completely lost.)
Prince Phil: We should be there by now. Maybe we missed a turn. I guess I should have taken a...wait a minute. (lifts lantern to illuminate the sign pointing to Saillune and Atlass City) Let's go this way!
Philippe: (looks at the dark, overgrown path, then left towards a well-lit, well-kept route, and starts to go left)
Prince Phil: Come on, Philippe! It's a shortcut. We'll be there in no time! (Philippe and Prince Phil start down the dark path.)
Prince Phil: This can't be right. Where have you taken us, Philippe? We'd better turn around...and... (A group of bats fly toward his head, scaring the horse) ...whoa...whoa boy, whoa Philippe. Oh, oh! Look out!
Philippe: (runs through the forest until he comes to the edge of a cliff)
Prince Phil: Back up! Good boy, good boy. That's good, that's--back up! Steady. Steady! (soothingly) Hey now. Steady. (Philippe throws him off) Philippe! (The horse gallops away.) Philippe? Oh no! (Prince Phil looks up and sees berserkers glaring at him. He attempts to stand, but instead he stumbles down the hill and rolls until he hits the gate of a castle. To make matters worse, freezing rain starts to pour down. The gate opens, letting him inside, then closes just before the berserkers can get to it.)
Prince Phil: (turns away from the gate to view the castle as it starts to rain) How convenient! Perhaps the master of the castle will let me stay the night! (Prince Phil bangs on the door a few times. It opens up slowly of its own accord and he enters.)
Prince Phil: (yells) Hello? Hello?
(Lina steps out from the shadows, casts a small lightening spell to light up the room. Gourry steps out behind her. They are also brainwashed, but they've retained most of their original character.)
Lina: (hisses) Hey you! Get outta here!
Gourry: (whispers to Lina) Aw, Lina, come on. He's soaking wet.
Lina: I don't care! He shouldn't be here! He'll get Zel really ticked off, and then there'll be no living with him.
Prince Phil: Who are you?
Lina: I'm Lina Inverse, sorceress supreme. (strikes a pose proudly, then suddenly remembers something) Oh, and that jellyfish-for-brains is Gourry. (jerks her thumb backwards)
Gourry: (grins blankly) Hi.
Lina: Now get outta here before Zel finds out there's a stranger in the castle!
Prince Phil: Why, it isn't just to kick a lost traveler out in the rain! (points at Lina dramatically, his voice raised) I've heard about you, Lina Inverse! You're a wanted criminal! You're an enemy of justice! You've got a bounty on your head! You...
Gourry: (sidles over to Prince Phil, pokes him on the shoulder) You'd better just go--there's no arguing with her. I know, trust me.
Lina: What was that?! FIREBALL!
(Zelgadiss appears on a balcony on the floor above. He has an angry look in his eye (from Xelloss's spell). He casts a Ray Wing spell and touches down right in front of Prince Phil just as he's putting out the flames on his cloak)
Zelgadiss: (gruffly) Who are you? What are you doing here?
Lina: (holds a hand to her forehead, rolls her eyes) All right, NOW you've done it.
Prince Phil: (startled by Zel's appearance) I got lost, then I lost my horse.
Zelgadiss: Leave. Now.
Prince Phil: Surely you don't mean to kick me out in this weather! That...that would be inhuman! Well, then again... (he considers Zel's stony skin)
Zelgadiss: All right, that's it! (slaps a hand on Prince Phil's shoulder) Mono Bolt! (Prince Phil crumples to the floor, unconscious)
Gourry: (now fully recovered from Lina's Fireball) Gee, Zelgadiss, you don't have to be that hostile, y'know...
Zelgadiss: (glares at Gourry, then Ray Wings himself and his prisoner to the dungeon)
Lina: Well, you can't say I didn't warn him. C'mon, Gourry, maybe Sylphiel has something good to eat in the kitchen.

Xelloss: (floats above Belle's cottage, flips a page in his script)
Zelgadiss: (stomps onto the set, casts a Ray Wing to bring him up to where Xelloss is floating) All right, I've had it! You've brainwashed Lina and Gourry, haven't you, Mazoku? (draws his sword)
Xelloss: (nonchalantly peruses the page in front of him, a pair of reading glasses resting on his nose) You could say that, yes...and that brainwashing spell should've lasted longer, come to think of it...well, Esther-sama DID warn me that it's unstable at best...
Zelgadiss: You'd better stop this mayhem now or I'll--
Xelloss: (teleports Zelgadiss away, fed up with him) Yare, yare, he certainly is high-strung, ne? (brightens) Well, no matter! On to Scene V!

(Vrumugan and Zangulus are standing outside Belle's cottage, along with about three dozen extras, who are all dressed up)
Vrumugan: This will be quite a surprise.
Zangulus: Yep! This is her lucky day! (walks up to several extras smugly) I'd like to thank you all for coming to my wedding. But first, I'd better go in there and propose to the girl!
Extras: (laugh)
Martinas: (sob loudly)
Zangulus: Now, LeFou, when Belle and I come out that door--
Vrumugan: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. (gestures over to several Vrumugan clones, each with a different musical instrument, forming a small brass band)
Ameria: (inside the cottage, sits on a chair, reading her new book. She hears a knock and glances out the window. She groans when she sees who it is, but opens the door and forces a smile) Gaston! What a pleasant...surprise!
Zangulus: Well, I'm full of surprises, you know. (checks his teeth in the hall mirror) This is the day your dreams come true.
Ameria: Huh?
Zangulus: Picture this: a rustic cottage, the money from my latest bounty on the table, and my little wife, massaging my feet, while the little ones play with the dogs. (leans closer to Ameria) We'll have six or seven.
Ameria: Dogs? (wistfully) I always wanted a puppy...
Zangulus: No, Belle! Little ones! Strapping boys, like me! And do you know who that wife will be?
Ameria: (scratches her head) Ummmmm...
Zangulus: (sweatdrops) You, Belle!
Ameria: (freaks) WHAT?! Fireball!! (blasts Zangulus clear out of the house and slams the door behind him. The band begins to play "Here Comes the Bride" until Zangulus picks himself up out of the mud and glares at the lead Vrumugan)
Vrumugan: So how did it go?
Zangulus: (turns red) I'll have Belle for my wife, make no mistake about that!
Vrumugan: (shrugs, directs the others to pack up their instruments)
Ameria: (pokes her head out the door) Is he gone? (steps out, starts talking angrily to the chickens) Can you imagine? He practically forced me to marry him! That just isn't just. No, you can't FORCE true love! It's not right! I won't allow it! (bursts out into song)

Madame Gaston, can't you just see it?
Madame Gaston, his little wife.
No sir, not me, I guarantee it!
I want much more than this provincial life!
(runs to an open field overlooking a valley, sings broadly)
I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!
I want it more than I can tell.
(softer, wistfully)
And for once, it might be grand
To have someone understand.
I want so much more than they've got planned...

(looks up as Philippe runs into the field)
Ameria: What are you doing here? Where's Papa? What happened? Take me to him! (she quickly mounts the horse and rides off)

(An hour or so later)
Ameria: (approaches the castle) What is this place? It looks creepy! Ooooh, creepy people aren't usually just. But then, Papa always said not to judge people by their appearances...oh, I don't know. I suppose I'll just have to go investigate.

Xelloss: (floats in mid-air above the castle, with a table floating near him. On the table is a teapot and teacup. He sips his tea, grins, and flips a page in the book.) Meanwhile, back at the castle, Scene VI is about to take place.

Lina: (in the front section of the kitchen, seated at a table covered with food, says in between mouthfuls)...couldn't (mmph) keep quiet (mmmm), now could we? (gulp, sip, gulp) Just HAD to (chomp) invite him to stay, (yum) didn't we?
Gourry: (swipes a chicken leg from one of Lina's plates) I was just trying to be hospitable.

(In the main hall)
Ameria: (enters the castle) Hello? Is anyone here? Hello? Papa? Are you here? (ascends the grand staircase as she searches for her father)

(In the back area of the kitchen, far from Lina and Gourry, Filia is standing next to a tub of hot water. Baby Valgarv is inside, taking a bath)
Baby Valgarv: Mama, there's a strange girl in the castle!
Filia: Now Val-chan, I won't have you making up such wild stories.
Baby Valgarv: But really, Mama, I saw her!
Filia: (disgusted) Not another word!
Jirasu: (runs in, says frantically) I saw a strange girl in the castle!
Baby Valgarv: (pokes his head out from the water) See, I told ya!

(Back in the front of the kitchen, Lina and Gourry are still eating/bickering.)
Lina: (continues berating Gourry) ...irresponsible, waxy-eared, slack-jawed--
Ameria: (on the stairs) Papa?
Lina and Gourry: (startled, run out of the kitchen and poke their heads around the corner to see Ameria walking up the stairs)
Gourry: It's a girl!
Lina: (rolls her eyes) I KNOW it's a girl.
Gourry: Hey, maybe she's the one! The one to break the spell! (runs up the stairs after her)
Lina: Wait! (runs after him)
Gourry and Lina: (sneak up behind Belle as she turns down a narrow hallway)
Gourry: (pushes open the door that leads to the tower in which Phil is being held, grabs Lina and ducks around a corner)
Lina: (mutters under her breath from where they're hidden) Watch your HANDS, you nimrod, or I'll--
Ameria: (hears the door creak) Papa? Papa? Is someone here? I'm looking for my father! (rushes through the door and up the stairs, doesn't see Gourry and Lina follow behind her) That's funny, I was sure there was there anyone here?
Prince Phil: (echoes from down the hall) Belle?
Ameria: (rushes into the dungeon and up to her father's cell) Oh, Papa!
Prince Phil: (booms) Belle! How did you find me?
Ameria: (proudly) Nothing is impossible for a heart filled with justice and love for her father! (grabs Phil's hands) Oh, you're freezing! We have to get you out of here!
Prince Phil: Don't worry about me. I want you to leave this place.
Ameria: (confused) Where's the villain who did this to you? (strikes a heroic pose) I'll find him and bring him to justice!
Prince Phil: No time to must go now!
Ameria: I won't leave you!
(Suddenly, Zelgadiss grabs Ameria's shoulder and whips her around. Her lightening spell goes out, so that the room is dark except for one beam of skylight.)
Zelgadiss: (retreats to the shadowy parts of the room, stalks around, says roughly) What are you doing here?
Prince Phil: Run, Belle! I'll take care of this monster!
Ameria: (unable see Zelgadiss very well) Who are you?
Zelgadiss: The master of this castle.
Ameria: I've come for my father. Please, let him out! If there is any compassion in your heart, I beseech you to release him. He's cold, and I have to get him home before he gets sick. Please--
Zelgadiss: (unfazed) He shouldn't have trespassed here.
Ameria: (insistently) He could die of pneumonia! (frantically) I'll do anything!
Zelgadiss: (folds his arms, decides to use Ameria's logic against her, says stubbornly) There's nothing you can do. He unlawfully entered my castle without permission. It is only just that I take him as my prisoner.
Ameria: (panics) There must be some way I can... (pauses, takes a deep breath) Wait! (steps forward almost into the beam of starlight) Take me instead!
Zelgadiss: (resumes stalking, quickly thinking about the consequences of her proposal) You! You would take his place?
Prince Phil: No, Belle! You don't know what you're doing!!
Ameria: (ignores her father, says slowly) If I did, would you let him go?
Zelgadiss: (considers that) Yes, but you must promise to stay here forever.
Ameria: (ponders the situation, realizes she can't see Zel) Come into the light.
Zelgadiss: (slowly steps into the beam of starlight)
Ameria: (watches, horrified, until she can't stand it any more, and falls back to Prince Phil) He's so, (sob) so creepy and suspicious-looking!
Zelgadiss: (incredulous) Excuse me?
Prince Phil: (dramatically) No, Belle, I won't let you do this!
Ameria: (quietly, in between sobs) In the name of justice...I WILL take your place. (regains her composure, then steps into the beam of light) You have my word.
Zelgadiss: (quickly) Done! (unlocks Prince Phil from the cell)
Ameria: (collapses to the floor, burying her head in her hands)
Prince Phil: (rushes over to Ameria) Belle, I'm old, I've lived my life--
Zelgadiss: (casts a sleep spell on him and drags him downstairs)
Ameria: Wait! Wait!
Zelgadiss: Ray Wing! (flies Prince Phil back to the outskirts of the village, drops him off there, then returns to the castle and heads upstairs to the tower dungeon)
Gourry: (as Zelgadiss passes) Zel?
Zelgadiss: (angrily) What?
Lina: (rationally) Well, since this girl is going to be with us for awhile, I think you should offer her a more comfortable room.
Zelgadiss: (growls angrily at Lina)
Lina: (hits him on the head, to their mutual chagrin) Don't growl at me!
Zelgadiss: (stalks past them, enters the cell where Ameria is still crying)
Ameria: (sobs) didn't even let me say goodbye. I'll never see him again. I didn't get to say goodbye.
Zelgadiss: (feels a pang of guilt) I'll show you to your room.
Ameria: (surprised) My room? (gestures around her) But I thought--
Zelgadiss: (gruffly) You want to stay in the tower?
Ameria: (sulks) No.
Zelgadiss: (casts a lightening spell) Then follow me.
Ameria: (as she passes Lina and Gourry) Who are you?
Lina: (grins, strikes a pose) I am Lina Inverse, famous sorceress.
Gourry: (smiles) I'm Gourry. I'm the Swordsman of Light.
Ameria: (brightens at the discovery that there are at least two friendly people in the castle) I'm Belle! Nice to meet you!
Zelgadiss: (growls) Look, we're not here to exchange social pleasantries.
Lina: (whispers to Ameria) Don't mind him. He gets cranky like this.
Gourry: (also whispers to Ameria as he falls into step behind her) We think he has that PSM thing that Lina gets every month...
Ameria: (covers her mouth with her hands, shocked)
Lina: Ooh that's it! FIREBALL!! (toasts Gourry)
Zelgadiss: (pauses) I THOUGHT I told you-- (whirls around, bellows) NO FIRE SPELLS IN THE CASTLE!!
Lina: (sweatdrops) OK, OK! Geez, it was just a little one.
Gourry: (slightly charred, laments) What did I say?
Zelgadiss: (grabs Ameria's arm, pulls her along behind him)
Lina: (catches up with Gourry) Y'know, Zel, you could be a little friendlier to her. She IS our guest.
Zelgadiss: (feels a pang of guilt, glances back at Ameria, who can barely keep up with him due to her shorter legs, slows down a little) you like it here. (glances at Lina for approval) The castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you wish, except the West Wing.
Ameria: (intrigued) What's in the West Wing?
Zelgadiss: (snaps) It is forbidden!
Ameria: (cringes)

(A few minutes later, they arrive in front of Belle's new room.)
Zelgadiss: (calmly) If there's anything you need, my servants will attend you. (glances meaningfully at Lina and Gourry, who just shrug)
Ameria: (looks around, says quietly) Thank you.
Gourry: (steps forward, whispers in Zel's ear) Dinner--invite her to dinner.
Zelgadiss: (angrily) You...will join me for dinner. (shouts) That's not a request! (slams the door behind him)
Ameria: (terrified, runs to the bed and flings herself onto it, sobbing)

Continue to Part Three!

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