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One-Page Inuyasha Doujinshi, by Akane no Hime

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First panel:
Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru!
Second panel:
Sesshoumaru: Time to die, Hanyou (half-demon).
Third panel:
Inuyasha: They always pick the things you're most sensitive about!
Sesshoumaru: Miroku! You always take his side!
Miroku: It's OK, Inuyasha Honey... he's just jealous!
Kagome: Ne, Kikyou... was he always this annoying?
Kikyou: Why do you think I killed him in the first place?
Shippou: (holding Jaken's staff to play Tic Tac Toe) This is fun!
Jaken: Nice move!

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Slayers Library -> Doujinshi -> One-Page Inuyasha Doujinshi

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