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Slayers On Strike!
Emcee: They're mad and they're not going to take it anymore! The Slayers are on strike for a fourth season!

Everyone marches onstage, looking cross and carrying picket signs. The signs say:
Lina's Sign: "Fourth Season or Dragon Slave: You Decide"
Gourry's Sign: "SOS: Swordsmen On Strike" (with letters backwards and words spelled wrong)
Zelgadiss's Sign: "Need Fourth Season to Find Cure!"
Ameria's Sign: "Fangirls For Chimeras!"
Vrumugan's Sign: "Vrumugan and Zangulus Spinoff Series"

Xelloss follows and stays off to the side.

(There was a lot of laughter in the audience when they saw our signs.)

Lina, Gourry, Zel, Ameria, and Vrumugun repeat "Slayers on Strike!" six times, flattened out into a line.

Lina: Slayers on Strike! We want a fourth season! (cheers from audience)
Ameria: Justice demands a fourth season of Slayers! (cheers from audience)
Zelgadiss: Chimeras demand equal rights! (cheers from audience)
Vrumugan: More screen time for minor characters! (laughter and cheers from audience)
Gourry: Hey Lina, when this is done, can we go get a sandwich? (pause, then people started cheering 'sandwich!' ^^;;;)
Lina: No, Gourry! I told you, we're NOT LEAVING until we get a fourth season of Slayers!


Everyone looks around anxiously.


Everyone starts to look really sick of waiting.


Xelloss: (coming to center stage, with mike) Not going anywhere for awhile? (some laughs) Grab a Pocky. (laughs, and then explosive cheering--they really raised the roof. And then they started the Pocky chant and I held up the box)
Xelloss: Crispy cookie covered in rich, milk chocolate--that oughta hold ya.

(still cheering)

Gourry: (everyone looks tired) We shoulda brought chairs...
Everyone: (smacks forehead or throws up arms, saying things like "Yeah" or "chairs--duh!" and walks off in frustration)

Pictures of the trophy!

Click here to see the full image. Click here to see the full image. Click here to see the full image.

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